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I know the Broncos team has hit a bit of a bad patch but seriously some players "crying" after losing six games is just a bit over the top. Then being comforted by an opposition player in Cameron Blair. I wonder if Ray Price, Led Boyd, Geoff Toovey, Bob O'Reilly would shed a few tears on the field after losing six games. Seriously, there's  much more serious things in life happening to people to shed tears over but losing six games of Rugby League. These players need to toughen up, grow up, face the music, knuckle down instead of blubbering like babies looking for sympathy.

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        • Exactly and that why I do my have no sympathy for club or players . Our guys are under more intense pressure 

    • Yeah, but the issue really is that the Brisbane media has never held the Broncos to account, especially the Channel 9 sports department. They never even throw a punch, mainly because if they try to they black banned by the Broncos. Right back to the early days of John Ribot, Barry Maranta et al the Broncos have never accepted anything remotely resembling negative criticism by the local media.

      • That's very true. This is unprecedented. 
        I have no sympathy for the club, they've made very dumb recruitment and retention decisions which have led to this situation. But I do have sympathy for their young players. They're clearly carrying the burden for the entire club. Some players on big coin aren't trying and should be moved on, like Milford and Boyd. But young guys trying to forge careers, under so much pressure they literally cry after a game. That's hard to watch. 

        • I agree, I do feel for a kid like Payne Haas whose personal standards haven't dropped one bit. They are going to get one hell of a shock when one of these kids walks away from the Broncos for the chance to play with a "real" contender.

        • Muttman, did you see Haas giving it to Milford behind the post?

          I do sympathize with the younger brigade. Though on the flip side that same younger brigade will probably be smug a-holes years from now!

      • Brett, I don't see Brisbane Ch.9 obviously, but taking what you say as true, my question becomes why we are seeing the Fox Sports commentators bending over backwards to cry about the Broncos?

        Murdoch influence leaching over? Free ride for Broncos being like a plague on the media?!

        • Well oddly enough Daz, the Courier-Mail is probably the one media outlet that does give the Broncos at least some grief, nothing like what the Eels cop from the Telecrap when we struggle, but  certain journos do give them a bit on occasion. Mind you, when they win it’s like the second coming

          • Brett, I googled and came up with the latest Courier Mail piece, which thinks losing 6 on the trot is the "darkest period in the club's history". I don't know, I reckon actually getting the spoon at the end is darker than a slump in the middle of a season! The article reads like an Emporer complaining the world is ending because a few slaves waving feathers over them called in sick! Do the QLD'ers get any nastier with their own? Maybe we will see an existential slide into oblivion as the horror of reality descends upon them?


            • No they don't mate. Like I said, the Brisbane media have been terrified to criticise the Broncos since day one. Even though they gave them a pass most of the time, Wayne Bennett still didn't give them anything. The Broncos are just used to bullying the local media into submission, to the point where the media no longer put up a fight up here. 

              It's absolutely sickening.

              • Brett - have you heard Dobbo on Triple M, Wally on Nine, Pat & Webby on 7, Psaltis on RadioTab, Badel in Courier-Mail - they are all apologists for them, "the broncos will turn it around" "be patient, they will be fine", "its not the normal broncos".

                What these guys all fail to remember, only half of brisbane support them, the rest hate them and support others...its sickening to hear them.


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