BA talks on SEN Radio

Few things he did say....

•Cartwright is the fittest forward in Parra, was pushing for a start in the first 13 before injury

•Mahoney needs help (tough for him to play 80mins, mind you it's only taken BA a few years to work that out)...

•Lussick will be 14 / Roache still trying to get his body ready

•Tom Opacic will have first crack at centres (he did say if that doesn't work there are a few youngsters he will give a run)

•Few more players debuting (he did mention Hollis's name)

•Trying to even out the training load so they are fresh at the back end of the season.

•He also mention he backs Moses 100% to get the job done.


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    • I think a couple of those have footwork at the line as well, Coryn, not just leg speed. I hope we have players in motion inside and out and we utilise the likes of Papali'i running angles back against the grain and using his footwork and offloading ability. It will be a point of difference we haven't really had. Our bench is going to go a long way to deciding how far we go this year, it's probably been an Achilles heel to some degree over the last few years but there's so many options now when everyone's available. 

      • I more thinking about how we ICE games and being able to stay in the arm wrestle myself Brissy.The variation in being how we get our yards.

        At this point in time I feel we are very one dimensional in this area.

        The reason I want to get away from the one out mentality is I'd like to see us work over more of the line so there not getting free rest.

  • Mahoney needs help. NO WAY. Smallest player on the field playing in the toughest position with no rest......noooooooooooooo

  • The aspect of when Jnr and RCG come off as to who replaces them, I according to the eels team page we have 5 props, 2 of them are inexperienced, Hughes & Holis that drops us to 3 props, unless the other two come good, Hollis went ok in the drags trial so that provides for 4. Kafusi should take one spot on the bench as a first up replacement, likely RCG or Jnr off first with Kafusi to the front row.

    Our back rowers come round two should be Matto & Niukore, with NB at lock, replacements Lane, & Papali'i.  Mahoney's replacement could be out of Smith, Rankin, Stone or Lussick.  For me I would prefer to see Stone as replacement, while Lussick was ok in the trial he was slow in following the play and getting to the DH spot.  When Cartwheel comes back he may be a good option at the 14 spot to cover Mahoney as well as extra forward or 5/8.

    • Col, Papali'i is probably going to play as a middle I'd suggest, so effectively he's a prop, much the same as Niukore did last year very successfully. I'm not 100% sold on Kaufusi yet, but he has the ability to take a bench spot for sure on his best form. I think the general consensus is that Lane will start on the edge again, however, if he doesn't roll his sleeves up he may well find himself back on the bench and playing a middle rotation - or even out of the Top 17 altogether, the competition for spots is really that strong. So that means, when all avaialble, it will more than likely be RCG, Reed, Jnr, Lane, Matto, Brown and a bench of Niukore, Papali'i, and then take your pick!!!! Don't rule Hipgrave out of the equation either, he didn't have much time in the trial but has been recovering from a minor injury or something I think. Has some mongrel about him and could well come into calculations along with Kaufusi. Obviously not as big a body as Kaufusi, but still can be damaging.

      I think we are going to have a utility on the bench to cover Reed - once again take your pick - Lussick, Roache, Rankin, Will Smith. The interview with BA seemed to allude to the fact he's twigged Reed needs help. I'd prefer Lussick or Roache, but wasn't that impressed with Lussick during the trial. Ranking went really, really well. He could definitely come into contention, not sure how his dummy half service is though, but the ability to fill the entire backline pretty much has to be a big tick in his favour.

      • Brissy, I agree re Reed needing a break, but I want to see more for the 4 you mention and doubt Roache will come into contention for a while yet until completely cleared by the medico's. Lussick is a perhaps and again want to see more of him he was ok in the trial but needs to keep up with the front runners and not lag into the DH spot.

        Not ruling out Stone though as he can cover other spots as well as DH, seems most of our forwards have trimmed down somewhat this year, could mean more speed with them.

  • Mahoneys just another Matt Keating if his attack doesnt evolve, he needs to be better with the ball in hand.

  • Oldfield and Lussick are two bum signings imo.

    • 2 more Moneyball Bushy specials Snake.  I had to laugh when people were impressed with Lussick, I counted at least 3 or 4 times he struggled to get to dummy half and young Arthur had to cover him. ;And this was in a reserve grade trial. Roache if fit could be the 14 we need to back up Reed. And Oldfield offers zero. Just using up a top 30 spot we could use on a young junior.

    • They're both one year deals on low money. The club shed 11 players last year from the bottom of their top 30. They have to replace those players. What do you want them to do? A key issue last year was the lack of a back-up hooker and experienced back-up outside backs. The club goes and fills those gaps and you do nothing but call the two blokes bums. What do you want the club to do here? Go and buy a gun outside back with money the club doesn't have? Do you guys both forget that Michael Jennings is still on the cap until he is banned after his B test? 

      And Al, the club still has three top 30 spots to fill, so you'd imagine if there were juniors the club was confident of playing in the NRL, they'd get a top 30 contract.

      Roache is definitely an option if his body holds together.

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