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After beating the Tigers on Sunday, Arthur now sits at 99 wins as an NRL and Eels coach, a win against Canterbury will give Arthur his 100th career win. Despite constant back and forth of loving him and hating him, I Myself been guilty of flip flopping between two beliefs of his coaching, there is not denying this is a massive achievement, considering over 50% of NRL coaches barely get to coach 100 games then get 100 wins.After coming to 2019 season with a 46% record he has led the Eels over the last two and half years to boost his percentage to 53%, again no matter what anyone thinks of him, this is a massive achievement and if on Sunday it is achieved then he should be congratulated.

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    • As do we all Mick, but that should not lessen what he has achieved. I think we all agree that he has limitations as a coach, but he has brought respect & credibility to our club. 

      • Fair enough Brett, most people want BA to succeed and evolve - No doubt BA can man manage and attract players credit to him, part of me feels if he surrounded himself with more experience and footy smarts his results and the team more importantly might have been different. 

        • That sums it up well Mick; BA is successful, the club culture has improved enormously, players want to come to the eels without paying overs and this week's selections show BA is evolving. These are all things we should acknowledge and enjoy. 

          But finals success remains the yardstick.

          • Yep, this.

            Congratulations to BA on the milestone. 

          • Agree DDay, getting into a prelim final would be a pass hopefully we give the finals a shake this year. 

            • For me, a prelim final appearance gets him another year. 

              • Thats a fair call. 

          • Of course it does, and I'm sure even Brissy would agree with that 

            • Yep, I've said all along if he isn't successful he goes, every coach has a lifespan unless they are successful. He's put a lot of things in place to ensure the club is succesful and it's bearing fruit, the finals campaign is the last stepping stone.

              • Seriously give it a rest mate! Lol you've said that to me before Brissyeel! ha

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