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  • Fcuk Ben Hunt off... Problem solved.

    Aus by 16

  • Shit team against the kiwi, their needs to be changes.
    • Agreed. They pick plodders Woods, Maguire, Keary and Hunt and actually expect to win? 

  • Geez there already saying that they want Cameron smith and billy slater to return
  • Is cleary injured? Ben hunt should never have been in the squad. This will show how good a coach meninga really is, with the likes of cronk, thurston, smith and slayter gone. He really didnt have to coach those guys
    • Yeah I wondered why Cleary didn't get picked. Whilst his stats don't reflect any ability whatsoever the fact is he is a winner. Just one of those players where things tend to happen when he plays. Some as peachy. I'd have played Cleary instead of DCE and peachey instead of hunt.
    • Do you'll believe the hype around N. Cleary? Maloney made him look a lot better than he actually was/is. Even in the SOO, we (NSW), pretty much won it with 1 half.

      A new age is on where Aus is not a dominate as it once was. Should create for more of an interesting international competition
    • Keary is not a plodder but with Maloney and Cleary unavailable I would have gone for Townsend and wait for it Luke Brooks on bench. I'm not fan of DCE but he played well back end of season and played much better than Billy Slater last SOO game. Also I think Moses has 2 more years to run on his mega deal contract at Eels. He will be staying.
  • RCG ?
  • Do people actually watch this shit ? 

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