Are our Eels relentless enough to win it. l.

  1.  In my years of watching footy the relentless teams with defensive intensity ,the continual roll of a wave in attack for the full 80 minutes are generally the overall winners of competitions. Week in week out it has to be produced. The grunt work  is necessary  to unleash the stars.  In your face defence for 80, zip and run from dummy half. Everybody backing up a half break. Our great Eels sides had it,  the Storm and Roosters have shown it the last 20 years . We have the players ,we have the coaching staff , do we have the desire to get it done.   

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          • Yep and it shits me to tears.

            Best presser was when we lost against the panthers - if he can bottle that and bring it out every now and then I'll change my mind, but until then, nup, may as well send in Mannah to do the pressers.

    •  Fair enough point Frank, Sterlo and Pricey drove our great sides. Gibbo just oversaw it.The players win games the good coach picks the right players to achieve  that.

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    • Fair comment Slugg, time will tell...

    • Unfortunately our ingredients have too many generic brand products. You can make a fisherman's basket with Aldi products and 80% of the consumers thinks it's acceptable  , but it's still frozen shit and the other 20% will know better is needed.  The chips making up the unimportant outsides you can get away with but when your prawn cutlet , fish cocktail , crab stick and the scallop are bland you've got nothing. 

      • Wiz that is the most accurate analogy 

        I love it 

        also love Aldi - German like me 

        good different 🤣

        • Guthersons the crab stick. Looks good until you dissect it , then you find it's just a tall streak of shit.  I guess Brown is the prawn cutlet , only half of its worth keeping being his defence , Reeds the scallop cause he's too small and useless  , which leaves Moses as the fish cocktail being the highlight of the basket. 

          • So if our spine is Aldi quality, our outside backs pedestrian.. and our forwards strong .. does that make our Coach truly exceptional to get this motley crew so close the last few years?

            • I think BA has done a brilliant job in getting a team of non representative players performing at the level they have , yes.  Tell me another coach that's done it ? 

              it's a feat that's just not usually possible . What's our total combined representative games tally not including stupid shit like playing for Italy , Malta , the USA , FIji and that type of Clayton's games including the rejects in the prime ministers team? 

          • Lol Wiz,

            Waqa Blake is Wagu Steak (Lol Wonga Steak)!. It's goes ok, but  needs some special sauce to be great and is expensive for no obvious reason. You''re better off with a T-bone to Surf and Turf with your fishermans basket

            • ...and Matterson is a Crab Platter. Bits of it are v.tasty, and it can be hard to crack sometimes, but there's never enough of it, always wish there had been more....and you have to be careful to avoid it's head......Ryan Platterson


This reply was deleted.

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