Are our Eels relentless enough to win it. l.

  1.  In my years of watching footy the relentless teams with defensive intensity ,the continual roll of a wave in attack for the full 80 minutes are generally the overall winners of competitions. Week in week out it has to be produced. The grunt work  is necessary  to unleash the stars.  In your face defence for 80, zip and run from dummy half. Everybody backing up a half break. Our great Eels sides had it,  the Storm and Roosters have shown it the last 20 years . We have the players ,we have the coaching staff , do we have the desire to get it done.   

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                  • You are giving me confidence Wiz, they are our Achilles heel... 

                    • I know Brettles disagrees with me , but I think this year The Titans will be in the mix to make our job harder also.  But let's face it COVID could flip shit on its head and some bullshit team like The Tigers could win the comp simply by having the best run with avoiding infection. Melbourne or Penrith could seriously win the spoon 

                    • Say that again please Wiz,  Melbourne, Penrith spoon... Not quite a premiership but fucking rewarding!

          • Penrith were holding on to dear life from about round 21 after they were flogged by the storm. 

            Luck had alot to do with them winning the comp, you can go into "if's" and "buts" which holds no weight but against the eels and storm, they had 31 errors in their favour and had cody walker hit gagai with the pass instead of crichton, souths win the comp. 

            • Luck or the referee?

              Every game was geared in their favour, the script was written. 

          • Yes agree with that. I never saw us beating Souths but very much liked our chances against Pentith or Melbourne. I said that going into the finals. The biggest issue with our side under Arthur over the 5 years our side has been competitive has been our edge defence. There were signs in the last couple of games heading into the finals that we may have finally found a couple of answers but it was by no means a finished product and Souths are just lethal on that edge especially left edge. 

      • They may have Wiz, but we will have no idea; i just think Wiz we were v unlucky against those pricks.....and tbh they were lucky to win the big show as well.

        Our defence was better than that before. Again i reiterate we have Rein and Hodgson coming and thats good for cooler heads. I think Gutho at times loses it.......

        • We need players like Rein and Hodgo for sure. Hence why I've based my opinion on our team as it stood last year. We have no idea how BA will use Rein and isn't it pretty set that Hodgson isn't coming this year ?  If we only use Rein as backup and Reed plays most games we will see more of the same shit I fear. 

      • History! means nothin now,

    • Penrith had 7 players with major injuries in the semi finals. Dylan Edwards took his moon boot off for games only in all finals. 3 players couldn't run and one had one arm to play with. Not a bad result considering. I would not hang your hat on getting within 2 points of them in this condition. 

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