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  • I love the jersey. Massive fan of the spitfires

  • That's awesome. 

    • Sometimes being a pedantic prick ( Ilove the jersey by the way) I thought/questioned  were spitfires part of the ANZAC story, I thought not!....... Then my research brought me this information.

      Because we are all bored shitless this may be interesting reading to some?

      No. 457 Squadron was a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) fighter squadron of World War II. Equipped with Supermarine Spitfire fighters, it was formed in England during June 1941 under Article XV of the Empire Air Training Scheme. The squadron was transferred to Australia in June 1942 and saw combat in the South West Pacific Area before being disbanded in November 1945.
      The squadron saw combat against both Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan during the war. From March to May 1942 it was based in southern England and flew missions over German-occupied France during which it shot down at least five Luftwaffe aircraft. After being deployed to Australia, No. 457 Squadron was based near Darwin as part of No. 1 Wing RAAF and intercepted several Japanese raids on Allied bases in northern Australia between March and November 1943. The squadron remained at Darwin and saw almost no combat during 1944, but moved to Morotai and later Labuan in 1945 from where it attacked Japanese positions in the Netherlands East Indies and Borneo as part of Allied offensives in these areas.

      Apologies for cut and pasting Sluggo!

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        • LOL

          • Thanks for the history Poppa; v interesting times and that history should be mandatory at all schools in Australia - that and more of course. Good looking gurnsey and a shame we won't be able to have it on come next weekend.

      • Seriously Poppa. Fuck off.


      • When I saw the jersey it didn't cross my mind the point on the Spitfire, but once you mentioned it, it was interesting to read.

        Along with the P51 Mustang, the Spitfire was probably one of the most iconic and important fighters for the allies during WW2. Great to see it on the jersey.

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