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Anti-Trump hysteria plummets to new lows

People have got to just let it go.Trump is the prez.Deal with it.The latest furore is that he allegedly called Haiti and African nations ...."Sh*t holes".That is a surprise? Have you seen the dire state of Haiti? The forest are gone,rampant over-population,no fish to catch,more garbage strewn around than Parliament Question Time and Africa as we all know is the garden continent that people are setting off in rickety boats to get to... hmm?

Trump says he used colourful language.Big deal.The virtue signalling is getting to ludicrous levels by his detractors.This is all they can come up with.For F*ck's sake,Paul Keating would have had these pussies in tears

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  • Well said Tom, did you get your happy birthdays yesterday? hope it was a good one mate.

    Don is the lord.

    • Cheers Snake,I've been getting birthday greetings all day.

  • It's called free speech, on both sides 

  • Good report. Trump is the guy the USA had to have. It was descending into a shit hole. He has made the hard decisions and they are working. The USA is almost in the best state that it has been for many years. The damage done by Obama and Clinton is immense. Sad that a few ferals choose to rubbish him without stating any facts. It will come to a conclusion soon when Clinton faces a Grand Jury.

    • Even better retort to Tom's report speedypostcode.

      I have to congratulate you on your optimism though. Being a staunch constitutional conservative it has been difficult adding to my faith patience when it come to the ludicrous lefts' lack of principle. My great hurt is the Bengazi farce which has the lives of American Embassy and CIA operatives dismissed by Hilary with "What does it matter"?    

      Audey Murphy would have turned in his grave.

      The left, having infiltrated every government bureaucracy and educational institution supported by the mainstream media is Trumps biggest challenge to deal with.  Then you have their supporters who cannot speak their mind without the use of profane, abusive and offensive language while throwing in the odd adjective to create a facade eloquence? 

  • Fuck me.. are your brains painted on?

    Nevermi he is an orange moron that can't string two coherent sentences together, he is a shitbag demagogue in the mould of Reagan and Abbott, except dumber and mire divisive.  He hasn't actually managed to pass anything much besides corporate tax breaks and getting rid of environmental protection laws.  He has managed to federally enforce anti Cannabis laws while opioid epidemics keep climbing.

    "Oh well at least he isn't Obama"..  Obama was another died in the wool neo capitalist who had the drone strike record.  Oh that's right.  He introduced a watered down version of Medicare.  What a commie!

    Trump is a cunt and a dumb cunt at that. 

    But let's hear what Fox News says for balance.

    • Puki you need help.

    • Yes Puki, he is quite clearly a stable genius.
      That is why all the poor uneducated people in America are so thrilled that he is redistributing wealth to the top 1% of the population.

  • I’m no fan of Trump but it has been OTT butt hurt, the sky is falling hysteria ever since he won the election. 

    • The real issue that continues to bubble away is the Russia investigation. More and more of the people involved with him and his campaign are being revealed as having worked with Russia. It seems from American reporting that there will be an impeachment during the Trump presidency over this.

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