Angus Crichton

Just reading that Angus is taking a pay cut to remain at the Roosters.This is now the third time in the last few months that I have read this regarding Roosters players,firstly Teddy,,then Keary now Angus. The fact that they even have to keep feeding us this BS story every time they sign or re sign someone just makes it harder to believe. These guys are throwing away 200k per year to stay loyal to a club that is not even their junior club,yeah right? 

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  • This is what rally irk's me, why are players especially representative player allowed to take pay cuts? Not sure if it's changed but weren't players who represent supppsed to have a market value on their head? Thought this was supposed to be the main reason for the salary cap to be in place. Dead set joke & most know some way or another they are getting something somewhere extra along the line! 

    • What's "market value" ?

  • Not even their junior club ?
    What does that have to do with anything ?
    On top of that, Tedesco is now asking for top dollar on his next contract, $1.3m per year, doesn’t sound like he’s throwing any money away

    • Brett, as you would now Market value is the value the market (NRL clubs) would be offering. The point being we have seen other players not allowed to do this over the years. 

      • Who's not been allowed to do that ?

        Let's not bring up Israel Folau again please, that was in 2013, two NRL administrations ago. Hardly relevant.

        No, market value is the price that the two parties agree is mutually acceptable. If Angus Crichton is happy to play for the Roosters on the minimum, then that is a market value. Someone else might value him higher, but he doesn't have to accept that valuation.

        • Does that notion condradict what happened to Hayne?Didnt he agree to play for less but was made to accept 'market value'?

        • No, Thats your view Brett.

          • Bingo! 

          • Yes it is, but you talk as if there is a definitive thing as market value, when in fact there isn't.

            • OK, no worries.

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