• Adam Fanua Blake has been nearly their best player each week, a massive blow for Manly and will really hurt their go forward 

    • It's not a massive blow, a massive blow would have been if he got the 12 weeks he should have. Once again the MRC and judiciary have proven themselves completely incompetent.


      • I was surprised Korisau didn't even get a mention. I admit it was an accident, but so was Browns. MRC, consistently inconsistent.

        • I noticed that too. Korisau did not miss and yet no charge?? The MRC is pathetic. 

  • Yeah can hear the excuses now

    With or without their best we are a much better side than them. Fuck em

  • The bloke is a gun footballer but a human shitstain.


    I laughed at he it's not part of Manlys culture. He's been sacked from tow other clubs for being a lowlife.  But of course Manly took him.  

    • I got banned from a certain site for calling this grub out for what he is.  The Admin obviously on the piss, didn't like it when he challenged me and didn't like my response in return.  LOL

    • At least he's playing top level football what are u playing??

  • That's awesome. Turbo and AFB down. That will make Manlys chances slim.

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