AFB rumblings in Manly

Fonua-Blake given permission to leave the silvertails

Bundy Afoa looking for new club

Kiwi international Steven Marsters looking for club

C Welch looking at $1mil from the Dragons

Foran to Manly

Tamou to Tigers and probs Fox too

any worth the chase for us?  Understand I don't mean Foran here!  Bunty be goods

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      • He was.


      • Why not both, we need a couple of impact forwards on the bench, and go after Havili as well.

      • His jnr club was Wenworthvile Magpies. He played NYC for the Sydney Rorters. 

  • Asiata was a parramatta junior in 2011 ,also an Australian schoolboy in that year ,also 115 kg big boy.

  • Yer I'm sorry I don't like it,with all his head trouble he's as good as dick Smith  with his money making tricks on this website.

  • No one will come to parra under bushy 

    • Yer don't stress year isn't over yet, if we play panthers. 1 plays 4 I recond we can beat them

  • Asiata to lock, N Brown to replace Evans on the bench.

  • Fonua-Blake would be great for our front row on paper. But on NRL 360 tonight were suggestions that all is not what it seems. The fact that Manly is letting go probably the 2nd or 3rd best front row in the comp suggests something has happened and Manly have had enough. The imagers of him smoking some rubbish suggest he would not pass a No Dickhead Policy. He claimes his family wants to get out of Sydney so the Eels would not come into the picture.

  • Asiata would be a great pick up, quality backrower who has good ball skills and would be an asset coming off the bench or starting, plus he won't break the bank. Definitely a player we should be chasing, we are the only club in the top 8, out of all current clubs interested, so we should be in the box seat.

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