A win is a win: My Observations

Happy we won, even though that last pass call was wrong and would have cost us the game if called correctly.  That said, we have been on the wrong end of these calls for a long time.  Bloody tough and grafting game. More positives again from this team but just wanted to flag some of my observations:

1.  Why is it that Blake Ferguson seems to have become so easily man handled?  Got smashed quite a few times tonight and has been for a few games this year.  Is he still reovering from his illness?  6'4" and athletic as hell and getting smashed.  Is it Blake, is he being targeted, or just a reflection on the games defence?  Add to that that he as started to get the droppsies on runs where he just needs to hit it up and secure the ball.

2.  We build a solid lead of 18-2 based on disciplilned play, earning protracted sets of six and controlling the game and then appear to lose focus and discipline allowing Manly to creep back into the game. That is a concern given the good old history of Parra sitting on a lead in years past.

3. Where were the support players with Jenkos massive run? He should have had options and if he had support players, we would, no doubt have scored again.  We got caught asleep with this instance on attack.

4. RCG is killing it for us.  Just needs to stop the dropped balls.

4. Junior Paulo is playing like a beast.

5. Mitchell Moses is going fantastically well and his defence has improved remarkably. So much more committed.

6.  Gutho is a champion and always there. Worth every dollar we pay him.

7. Our defence has improved massively but can still be exposed out wide by the better teams, like tonight.

8. Reed Mahoney is getting better and better and WILL be an origin player in my opinion.

9. Dylan Brown is composed, his defence is amazing but would love to see him do more in attack. Have to keep reminding myself he is only 19.

10. We now have three or four fantastic kicking options.

11. We now have a massive and athletic forward pack with height and size,  off loading options and depth on our bench, which bodes well.

12.Jennings is back on fire.

13.  We nw seem to have the right balance and depth.  Only time will tell.



I like this team, the balance and how it is progressing and developing.  When we do lose a game it will not be the end of the world.  I think it will be a learning. The team seems to finally be playing with passion, pride, commitment and dedication to each other.





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  • True but I do still feel the Eels are lacking another good player in the their side and they need a better captain. Add to that better use of the bench! It's still Arthur's Achilles Heel! Which just might stuff the Eels up come finals time.

    • Monti you really have no idea!

      • Really! It may actually appear 66 that you have no idea that you have no idea! Did you have any idea what I just said?

        • Hahahahaha thats gold Monts. 

  • Yes! 😀

  • Teams target Fergo they no he's the tip of the sword bringing the ball out so he'll be head of the tip sheet.

    Outside of the mistakes RCG has bought some steel to the Eels middle.Hes got a big motor.Also thought both Kaufusi and Evans provided good impact off the bench.

    Can't wait to get Brown back.

    • Fair enough re Fergo which ius why I asked.  Agree Re RCG, he has been awesome for us overall.  Playing with passion and heart again.  Brown back will only add ti our enforcement value!

      • Only trouble with Brown he ends up suspended every 4th week due to stupidity!

  • Fergo does seem down on form. From the impact of his runs to his desision making, that intercept would of beeen caught if he was in form.


    • That all said, he still made a heap of metres tonight.  The amount of dropped balls that come from him is a concern.  Fantastic player and glad we have him for his energy. He is the same kind of energy player than Kenny Edwards was for the team.

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