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A Blip on the Radar or Reason for concern

It’s easy to over react to loses and just as easy to think we will win the Comp after a few good wins. Even the most half glass empty Parramatta follower would have to acknowledge that our performances prior to last weekend demonstrated a totally different footy team to the one we saw in 2018. A team getting over the advantage line, making ground at will, using the football but showing new levels of control and game management.Sunday was a different story with our forwards getting dominated and simple mistakes back in our game. Concerning is the injuries to Dylan Brown who looks a star in the making and Blake Ferguson who has had a remarkable beginning to his Parra career. Salmon was found wanting on Sunday and guys like Kane Evans and Dave Gower looked like reserve graders again.Many will say it is a return to the Eels of old and the calls for Arthur to be replaced have begun. Cries of don’t resign Improved half Mitch Moses have begun and Taka needs to go is a common call.The question remains to be answered ‘is this a blip on the radar or a downward slide’? I’m going to come out and say that it’s the former and we will see a return to form against the Tigers. Let’s wait and see! One things for sure, there is only one way to silence your critics and that’s to win football games. Go the eels on Easter Monday. This will be my first live Parra game in years as we have come from NZ to be part of this historic event. I sat on the hill at the first game at Parra stadium in 86 and watched us smash the dragons 36-6. That was the beginning of a premiership winning season. Let’s hope this Monday can be the same.Kiwi Eel

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  • I think the more important thing is how we bounce back if we put two bad performances together it will be cause for concern but I’m willing to bet we come out firing.

    • Have to at our new home you’d think 

  • Just a minor blip for me. They had all the ball. We made a few crucial errors. No try call. Last year we would have got done by 40. Canberra are playing tough and have a good team. 

    • True the defence was still resilient

  • The game itself caused no issue for concern. We played about as badly as is possible and still potentially could have won the game if a couple of things had gone our way. 

    What is starting to concern me is our growing injury list. We now have four of our very best players out injured presuming Ferguson is in fact out. That has a huge impact on any side. We may just have to ride this period out as best we can and hopefully get to origin period with as close to a 50% win record as possible. We should start to get some players back then and other teams will be weakened by origin. 

    • Ferguson. The 2 Browns. Who is the 4th player injured?  

      • Manu Mau who looked very sharp in the trials. 

        • Yes true. A consistent player for us

          • Im hoping we beat the tigers this week but im still think we will not make the 8 i think the Bronco and sharks n Panthers come good knock us and the tigers and the Warriors out the 8

            P. S

            Does any body know how long Blake Ferguson out for

            • Arnie Reports on early mail saying giving the late turn around he could play, Fergo will have a fitness test around Thursday/Friday givving Eels play on Monday.  

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