• When you think of our foward going one out. RCG, Brown, Matto, Papali'i and Niukore get smashed. Only massive bodies like Paulo and Kaufusi can cause a little dent. So not only is this one out BS stupid, but we dont have the best players for it. 

  • Agreed 

  • If we'd won by 20 tonight it wouldn't make any difference we're no chance of winning the comp never were. Hopefully we can hang on for 5th or 6th then hope for miracle. 

  • JA was the reason our forwards were getting hammered. Noticed a few times our forwards had to check their runs because JA was too slow to engage the defence. When you have forwards with good leg speed, you need a half who can keep the defence in two minds.

    • No we have been employing the one out game plan for years. JA isn't to blame. It's a deliberate game plan by the coaches. 

      • JA's execution of the game plan was atrocious, whether you like the plan or not doesn't matter. We have a forward pack with good leg speed, when these players have to slow down to accept a pass, you know there is something wrong, and that wrong was JA.

    • I think you can add Reed's dodgy service to that list.  Not sure why he was off tonight.

      • Canberra made a point of running at Reed all night. Our backs let us down badly, no penetration or structure to score.

  • BA employed this game plan due to his belief that it minimises errors. 
    It IS all we have. 
    I really like BA but it's a tough gig and there will be tears at the end of the season.  

  • Yep, utterly boring one out crap again. Year in, year out. It's getting repetitive.

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