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This isn't a suck up or brown nosing blog - criticism when and where it's due.....

I just wanted to give shout out to Super and congratulate him on this site's moderation of late.

Mate, you've proved me wrong. The moderation on this site has improved out of sight since you've taken over. Phil would be proud.

Just wanted to thank you for allowing the current discourse and debates to continue. The place is regaining its mojo and fast becoming the site we all previously loved. I haven't had a suspension since early last year so youve lighten the grip.

Well done Super, keep it up mate.

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          • Gee I wish I remembered what I said, prettysure I didn't know it was deleted.

            Grunta's response was encouraging, Grasshoppers not so much, he obviously keeps a diary,

    • Happy Days Grunts .I think you just told everybody to get Fucked  and to Fuck off .I think that's what you were trying to get  across .Cool

      • Nah, just really testing if the moderation on here has improved.

        My post is still here, so I guess it has lol.


        • Fairnuff as I said Cool

  • Frank, I knew you had it in you. 

    • What? I'm only trying to get him to keep his fingers off the trigger.

      Like any great governing body, the best governments are ones that are hardly seen and rarely heard - or something along those lines.
      This place has shown that it can moderate itself IMO. Let the blogs and posts flow - they all have their own way of sizzling out or dying off.
      Problems only exist when certain members like to give but can't take it. If you indulge in shit flinging expect to wear some from time to time. At the end of the day it's a forum not a cage fight, so apart from a few harsh words, what's the worst that can happen on here?

      • Hmmm, what was that, if it's flung it might bounce back and bite? 

  • Great call Tank.

    Ironic though, i was banned for the week for the first time since I was a member.

    It was warranted but worth it though.

    • Haha let's just say, I'm as dirty as the day they dropped Brendan Kangaroopoo from the side.

      So you go out and give the bloke a compliment and then end up getting banned.....can I retract?

      • What actually happened Heisen, were you actually banned for the period you were gone?

        Having been in that situation, did you feel like you were in a vacuum, every attempt to ask for a reason or mitigation was not acknowledged (no I am not saying I was innocent). I feel like I didn't get the chance to exercise my rights under the Geneva convention.

        i.e. how long have I got and what was the charge, I could have for example mitigated against a number of other memes that some people would say were tastless, more tastless than my true representation of a cheerleader displaying a body part that everyone knows and was obvious very successful in fund raising.

        WE have had countless memes on human and animal excretia and reference to words that describe that body part and people that are likened to it. BUT show a basic piece of human anatomy that arguably offends any member of our society and then some mitigation may exist.

        I was then accused of having a sleeper account which is categorically wrong, it was my wife's and she represented me as a third party. 

This reply was deleted.

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