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That’s pretty damn steep!

So if you spill your beer it misses the person in front of you and hits the next person down?? I assume the person in front of you then gets smacked in the head for doing nothing!!

Ha probably.

This will be an issue for the oldies, will be hard to maneuver themselves around up there. 

Take extra care when installing Section 105, Row 1, Seat 11, it’s new owner can’t wait to get acquainted !!!

Is that upper level or lower?, i'm 2nd row bay 113 lower level, I am practically on the field i'm so close.

Lower level, front row, right behind the black dot southern end

i'm 20mtr line southern end.

You could hit 30 people with 1 Jaffa throw! Thank you gravity.

Looks awesome. Much better than sky blue which fades straight away.

And these ones are flip ups. Looks like we'll have a little less leg room now.

Cool , nothing beats seeing some bloke come back from the bar and push his seat down only for it to spring back up again and him take a dive . 


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