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Ok , so how about a non Brad Authur blog ?  Let’s do a fun type one ay ....

I have 3 questions for you based on re-makes of movies ( not sequels )  . It’s very rare we see old movies re-done and be a hit .  We’ve seen atrocities like the PC driven Ghostbusters , and Karate Kid to the old hit turned into a re- made abortion of a movie , Authur ( with that twat pommy Russell brand ) 
1st one - if you could re-make a movie with your choice of the 2 main characters what would it be and with whom ? 
2nd one - what’s your worst re-make of all time ?
3rd one - what’s your best re-make of all time ? 
Mine would be , 
*Back to the future 
* this guy as Marty McFly ( very hard to pick anyone of the right age equal to MJF in his heyday ) 
* Doc Brown - can’t go past Jim Carey for this role ( I’m imagining a still half sane Jim ), it’s really really bloody hard to pick people for such an iconic movie .
MJF and Christopher Lloyd were a match made in heaven for this movie . Don’t think you’d ever be able to think of anyone either from 1985 or now that could beat either of the performances they put up . 
**Worst re-make for me would have to be the female version of Ghostbusters , wow man that was an insult to the original actors who made that powerhouse movie and an 80s Icon . They totally shat all over the legacy . 
***Best re-make for me would probably be Cape Fear with Robert De-Nero before he turned into a fuckwit , crazy old person . 

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If you are going to remake a move it has to be a classic story. I'd do a remake of Julius Caesar (it was made into a movie in 1953 apparently) with a soundtrack of ACDC's "All Hail Caesar" as Brutus is moving in for the kill. Jeffrey Rush would probably make a good Caesar.

1. I think I would like to see a remake of Young Guns directed by Clint Eastwood, staring Tom Hardy as Billy the Kid. I love westerns and there just isn’t any around anymore.

2. Worst remake would be Ghostbusters, I didn’t even finish the movie.

3. I honestly can’t think of a decent remake.... Cape fear is a good movie but I’ve never seen the original and I liked Birdcage staring Robin Williams but again I’ve never seen the original.

Good call, or high plains drifter.

That Young Guns sounds awesome Mack , would certainly watch that one . 

Fritz the cat

My first choice for a remake would have been Flatliners, but they’ve kinda already done that, so I’ll go with Labyrinth with Benedict Cumberbatch as the David Bowie’s Goblin King. I’d also love to see Spaceballs remade with Ricky Gervais as President Skroob, Steve Carell as Dark Helmet, 

Not a re-make but a sequel, 12 Monkeys with the original actors, Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt and Madeline Stowe.

I know many on here want to see remake  of "BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN",, think Cam Smith and Darius Boyd would be great in it

Edward Penis hands

Staring Peni Terepo. 


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