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What happens if Norman, IDG, Kaysa and King are all out?

Fog and Dargan do not seem ready for first grade if we have other options - Fogs defence needs work

Brown probably is not an 80 minute hooker

Option 1: Robson at 7 and Nelson at 9

Option 2: Taka at 7 and Robson at 9. Hoff to centre and Auvaa to wing

Option 2 may be a bit crazy

But just trying to entertain conspiracy theories as to why Auvaa was rested in the last 15 min of Wenty on Sunday

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I think Hoff is a better winger than Auvaa.

Id expect Robbo to get another go at 7 until BA is confident Fog or Dargan are up to it ie Fog probably needs to string 3 good games together.

and Id assume Nelson at dummy.

But I guess we'll find out part of the puzzle this afternoon.

the score will be SHARKS 50 parrmatta 0

Not even French a try??

We lose!!!!!without Norman we having nothing !!

If they are all unavailable. Then plan B.

Play to our strengths, our try scoring ability out wide. Our forwards are still strong. All's not lost. 

As long as we field 13 players, its even. As Titans showed us.

Our defence is not like last year  I think I don't know why but our defence is weaker then last year in defence

Gordon is a noted organiser.  We are missing his calls from the back I think this is perhaps the biggest difference.  Probably made even worse by the in-experience of Bevan.

Your probably not far off the mark there Troy
"Robson at 7" Credibility lost...
Dargan & Fogarty to come in
As Roy and HG said last week. If players don't perform, put the entire team in reserve grade. These players have to learn.

That's an easy one:

- Dargan to 7.   

- Robson to 9. 

- Fogarty to 14 (covers halves and hooker and goal kick).   


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