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So brad is proud of the way Corey handles himself - what a fair dinkum joke honestly. Norman has been top of the list of trouble makers at this club, and all BA can say is "we're proud" lol

What an embarrassing culture.

It's simple - he's contracted until 2019," Arthur said.

"The same as I'm contracted, the same as 20 other players are."

Norman was reprimanded after posting pictures of himself drinking on social media.

On Thursday he accepted responsibility, promising to "cop it on the chin", while his teammates including Bevan French and Michael Jennings described him as a positive influence on the side.

It is the second time Norman has been fined in two years.

He was fined $20,000 and suspended for the final eight weeks of the 2016 season for a string of offences including pleading guilty to drug possession after being caught with MDMA and another prescribed, restricted substance at The Star Casino.

His conviction was overturned on appeal.

He was also reprimanded for filming a lewd sexual act and drug use as well as consorting with criminals.

"He's in good spirits. We're proud of him, he's accepted full responsibility for his actions," Arthur said.

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If this BA statement is true, we’re in much bigger trouble than I thought 

Oh no drinking on social media what a devil

He wasn't meant to be drinking because he was rehabing an injury.

Couple beers drunk by a adult is a big deal.. what a laugh

Arthur is actually right and should be commended. 

We are proud of Corey that it was only alcohol not Cocaine.


Commentators say Norman is NRL leader in"Forced dropouts"(15). I think there's another secret team signal for dropouts. "Ok boys, I got us a dropout, make sure one of ya's KNOCK-ON on the 2nd or 3rd tackle".

 If the reports are correct in regards to Parra shopping Norman around it would be crazy to bag Norman publicly. Apparently, Norman is on the best part of a million dollars next season and if he joins another club the Eels will be paying part of his contract. Put it this way, if you were trying to sell something that owed you plenty and you knew it had faults would you be advertising its faults? Obviously not as it would reduce your ability to sell it and reduce its value. 

That's true. 

So just say "I'm not answering questions on internal club matters." 

There's plenty of ways to do it without endorsing and borderline promoting repeated moronic behaviours like Normans.

Regardless, in the right team and the right culture Norman could be amazing. He has the talent, he just doesn't have the maturity or discipline. Other clubs know this. We're not trying to offload a dud, he's a talented liability. Several teams would be more than happy to take that punt (Canberra and Brisbane for two).

Wasn't it Parramatta that came forward and acknowledged that Corey had been drinking whilst on the injured list.

Apparently all this happened 3 weeks ago and corey wasn't even reported as injured then so how did hoops find out.

This is getting deep


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