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I for one wouldn’t mind see Trent Barrett has head coach for parra.
BA has had his time & failed.
Barrett as head coach with Taylor & Burt as his assistants

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And Barrett has been a raging success. 

If BA does go, replacement has to be a very big name. 

Out of your mind

Barrett has rejected an approach by Manly to stay on as coach till end of next year. Interviews with the turbo brothers indicate they would like him to stay or Cartwight to take over, but with the club wanting Barrett to stay on, is no ringing endorsement by the club of Carty I would suggest.  Jason Taylor has also expressed interest in the job after being dumped as attacking/assistant coach at the chooks.

I would actually not mind Barrett at the eels as an assistant as he was a fair player in the halves and on that score would be a good pick up to work with our halves as well.

Barrett wants out of many due to poor facilities including running out of demountables, lack of coaching support and front office issues.

Yep Barrett is just waiting for a phone call from the eels.  He will probably take massive pay cut to.

Seriously though if he's doesn't coach anywhere next year I would like see him work with halves or as an assistant as well but highly unlikely

Midge, I agree its not likely with Barrett, but would be a step forward I would think.

Wait, Taylor got dumped by the Roosters after they won the Grand Final??? Where did you hear that?

Pretty sure Taylor was demoted to NSW Cup coach before the finals began. In favour of a Former Storm Assistant.

I wouldn't have Taylor as a first grade coach, but he could be very handy as an attack specialist.

Sparky are you ok?

As long as T Baz’s assistant is Tommy Raudonikis, I don’t see a problem.

No i want south old coach cant think of he name

Michael Maguire?


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