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The Roosters seeking salary cap exemption on salaries Says it all!


Cooper Cronk’s availability has the Roosters in dire straits, forcing them to apply for a cap concession on money.

With the club already overburdened with elite talent, the halfback’s free agency has left them no choice but to seek relief from the NRL in order to continue stockpiling blue-chip commodities.

The move comes after they approached league bosses to discuss the possibility of signing the star halfback, only to be told there was a salary cap in place.

The Roosters believe the salary cap could unfairly disadvantage their negotiations with Cronk, particularly the way it caps salaries.

As a result of the unforeseen development, the club has applied for a modest 100 per cent concession on wage spending to help make ends meet.

The Roosters believe exempting salaries from their cap will not only prevent the tragedy of Cronk playing somewhere he’s genuinely needed, it will also reduce the risk of undisclosed payments and getting caught.

Rival clubs were stunned by the club’s request, especially after the historic agreement recently struck that would see players paid the highest declared income in the game’s history.

While still awaiting ratification, all 16 CEOs – including from the Roosters – pledged to pretend player salaries would remain capped at $9.4 million from next season.

However, somewhat unbelievably, it seems a rugby league club has put itself first and gone back on its word.

Cronk has been linked to the Roosters since the possibility arose he could be out of contract at some point in his life.

However, Cronk’s mammoth asking price has meant they could only secure his services by selling off something marquee, like Mitchell Pearce, the Coogee Bay Hotel or, for a long-term deal, Coogee.

This has been suggested despite the club building a substantial war chest, banking millions of dollars releasing Shaun Kenny-Dowall and Aiden Guerra and four million rand releasing Martin Kennedy and his iguanas.

The club was almost thrown a lifeline this week when Blake Ferguson was himself; however, he regrettably avoided a contract termination after being found innocent of any wrongdoing.

However, the Roosters remain confident of securing Cronk’s signature should their request be rebuffed.

They believe they can compile a competitive deal by supplementing a base contract with a barrage of lucrative third-party agreements.

This would see the representative playmaker signed for $25,000 per annum and his name changed permanently to ‘City Ford Cronk’.

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That's pretty funny. I wonder if Toddy boy is watching?
I am pretty sure that Cronk played for Paddington as a junior before he was a Queenslander

Paddington is in QueeRZland.

Map of Paddington, Queensland

Wrong Paddington. I used to drink with a couple at the Point Hotel. She was a mad Tigers fan and he was a Roosters fan. He worked at the Roosters leagues club. Her brother played for the tigers.

There son played in the same Paddington team as Cronk. The reason that the story came up at all is that there son was named Cooper as well.

Just a bit of trivia I guess

Mate I was a regular at the Paddo RSL "back in the day" lol

Schooners were 20 cents back then.

Long before the alternative people took over the place.

Great piece of satire
You had me until the 2nd paragraph lol
In today's Daily Telegraph Sunday October 15th 2017.

The two clubs leading the race to sign Cronk, Rabbitohs & the Roosters. Cronk wants to build his portfolio by learning from Sydney's most high profile & successful businessmen it why the Roosters & Rabbits lead the race to ser cure Cooper Cronk's signature, should he make a call to play on in the NRL next year.

Interesting to read the last paragraph it say...

A relationship with Eels coach Brad Arthur and space in their 2018 salary cap will ensure that the Eels enter the discussion.


TT:   Get Cronk!--last chance at city prices.

Can't seeing it happen, dirty birds to win.

I am surprised at you Huss.....I didn't think you would stoop to sarcasm in what is a feel good story!

The Rooster's have been extremely gracious in taking this into the public arena.

No doubt that they are pandering to there supporter's with the need to recruit some high profile player to increase their supporter base to over the hundred. Not especially renouned for their crowd pulling ability they have free meals for the homeless in an inner city joint marketing exercise involving Sydney City Council and their ever popular Lord Mayor.

In turn SCC has arranged free game tickets and a pet minding coterie with Butch Pearce as night manager.

Apparently it has been worked out that if same sex marriage gets through that interspecies sex could be next. Part of this process will be pairing off 25 players with strays from the coterie and increasing the supporter base by 25%.

Cooper has been promised a "b****" from Fox News and all the dogs are having their left legs amputated. 

The reason for this is said to be pure political as nobody that supports the Rooster's can lean anywhere but to the right.

Thank God we live in a democracy hey Slipmont!


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