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I think making a knee-jerk decision and sacking Brad Arthur and hiring some "experienced" coach on the market will cement why we have a bad culture. Some fans want this, but i think that they can't blame Brad Arthur for going for "experienced" washed up players and then want him sacked, then suggest he be replaced by some "experienced" washed up coach, it's hypocritical.

We need to look forward, other clubs are fighting tooth and nail for what's hot right now! Bellamy and Bennett are the coaching masters of the generation, but face let's it they are untouchable we can't sign them! they have the wood on the rest of the comp's coaches, so what the point in looking there either? the can be only one winner.

Now if i was CEO of the Eels, i would have a plan. I would be setting up secret meetings and freeing up some big cash for a even bigger gamble, not to buy Bennett or Bellamy, but who i believe to be the heir apparent, and who may actually be signable if the carrot is big enough. 

I would offer a contract a 4 year 6 million dollar contract to Cameron Smith, to assist Brad Arthur in 2019 and take over as head coach from 2020-23. I think this route is the way to go! It's a massive gamble, can Cam even coach? but we need to take a big risk, if you want the big reward.

Most of you guys know i like to think outside the box, I really think with a little patience and guile we could start a dynasty with Cam Smith as head coach, he has been mentored by the best, demands respect of his players he is the closest thing to captain coach we have seen in 30 years.

your thoughts?

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The minimum salary is $100k for the top 26 and $70k for the last 4.

Cleary has shown what a good cleanout and astute signing of players can do for a club. They won't win the premiership but they'll be well entrenched in the 8. We had our chance to do likewise for this year but BA vastly overestimated our forwards (and underestimated the loss of Semi) and bought 2 reserve grade players instead of decent forwards and we're paying for it now. Last years result papered over the obvious (to me) cracks of our pack and we're seeing the results this year.

BA is showing all the signs of a rookie coach, too scared to promote younger players, and relying on the established players to get us out of the mess that they created. His poor overall recruitment and diabolical purchase of Watmough, Foran and to a lesser extent Scott has really blotted his coaching resume'. His refusal to drop poor performing players and now poor tactics are seriously jeopardising his career. It'll not only be us but the board clamouring for his sacking unless he starts to turn things around and start recruiting decent players and promote juniors to the top squad.

Ageed mate. We are on the same page.

Im just a bit more pessimistic about our chances of sacking BA before 2019 begins (or before his contract finishes) i guess

Everyone has their limit. The CEO and board will have theirs.

oh wow we waited for now to say this 

oh wow, actually i wanted to say this after we win, but i'm 36 years old and i'm afraid i might not live to see us win again.

A mate who is close the the upper echelons of the club heard today that one sponsor who is paying very good money said that if nothing changes by the end of the year in staffing and players they will be pulling their money out from the club and return when the team isnt an embarrassment anymore.

A few weeks ago the club organised a dinner for the sponsors and one of the sponsors straight up had a go at BA.

Dont want Brian Smith back, dont want Anderson. They had their go and lost.

I like the Cam Smith idea.

If you want to think outside the box then here it is. Money Ball is a movie about sport that indicates professional sport is all about the stats of player, i.e put the players with the best winning stats on the field ensure they continue to achieve them and as the ultimate stat is winning margin then that means premiership.

So get a consultancy in with no knowledge of the game. Have them punch the numbers on everything from who's the best to what a coach is worth etc, like super coach but the applicant with the best tender will win $1.2m and then they coach the side. If they win the Grand final they get $12m if not then we go back to the old losing ways.

Moneyball isn't about getting the players with the best stats, because the players with the best stats are the most expensive. Moneyball is about getting value for money, and every club under a salary cap has to do it. Just the richest clubs have a bigger margin for error.


I agree that Cam Smith is the only one we should go for. Brian as head of football would be great.

Cam May prefer to start as assistant or jump into head coach- his choice

I disagree with the criticism of BA. The older players were bought when we needed some experienced players as we had a very inexperienced team. Scott did wonders for our defence. Some people have short memories. Foran and Watmough were also just what we needed if they were still fit to play.

My issue with BA is that he has been too desperate for short term wins rather that looking to the long term. The team plays like that too - desperate to win the match with every tackle instead of building dominance and wearing the opponent down before striking.

I still prefer BA over anyone. Except Cam Smith. 

Go go for it Parra, make him an offer he can’t refuse

You are a wise man Parody

Too blog

Cam Smith openly stated that he has no interest in coaching at all in the last year or so

I would believe that Cam Smith would not be the type wanting the high stress 24/7 job of head coach. So design a role that suits his lifestyle. Make him co- head coach. BA is not as bad as people are making out and we don’t necessarily have to exorcise him.


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