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I think making a knee-jerk decision and sacking Brad Arthur and hiring some "experienced" coach on the market will cement why we have a bad culture. Some fans want this, but i think that they can't blame Brad Arthur for going for "experienced" washed up players and then want him sacked, then suggest he be replaced by some "experienced" washed up coach, it's hypocritical.

We need to look forward, other clubs are fighting tooth and nail for what's hot right now! Bellamy and Bennett are the coaching masters of the generation, but face let's it they are untouchable we can't sign them! they have the wood on the rest of the comp's coaches, so what the point in looking there either? the can be only one winner.

Now if i was CEO of the Eels, i would have a plan. I would be setting up secret meetings and freeing up some big cash for a even bigger gamble, not to buy Bennett or Bellamy, but who i believe to be the heir apparent, and who may actually be signable if the carrot is big enough. 

I would offer a contract a 4 year 6 million dollar contract to Cameron Smith, to assist Brad Arthur in 2019 and take over as head coach from 2020-23. I think this route is the way to go! It's a massive gamble, can Cam even coach? but we need to take a big risk, if you want the big reward.

Most of you guys know i like to think outside the box, I really think with a little patience and guile we could start a dynasty with Cam Smith as head coach, he has been mentored by the best, demands respect of his players he is the closest thing to captain coach we have seen in 30 years.

your thoughts?

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I like it. 

People are throwing up Brian Smith's name? that's just as bad as signing Beau Scott to lead the forward pack for the next few years, they are both too far past their primes in their positions.

I don't want him coaching but he would be a great choice for head of football.

He should of been given the job years ago but instead the Plumber gave the job to DA because his butt buddy was on the board.   DA had a terrible record as a coach of building a roster or blooding juniors.  Great choice Sharpie you braindead cretin.

Like it but wont happen

Of course not Offside, it's a smart and logical decision.  Instead we will stick by the Bush bum and save a few crumbs while our crowds,membership numbers and sponsors got to shit.....

Save a few bucks while it costs us millions in other area's, f*** you Max you tight arse penny pinching prick.

Exactly right Al, what the unicorns dont realise is the 1m we save keeping BA we will lose 3m more in loss of merch, gate takings, all round spending from fans then it will take us years to dig our way out.

Ive given arthur alot of crap the last month but in fairness we need to look at it from a rational perspective. In a perfect world if Arthur would just debut some new players, got rid of some deadwood every season and was loyal to the clubs interest instead of the playing group then id back him more as a coach. However the last year or so he seems to have become a more conservative coach particularly with the big semi trailer gone. Of course im not happy we are losing but we have to face reality and that reality is we are stuck with arthur because we cant pay out his contract.

However there is still 3 months left in the season for Arthur to make a big decision that can change his coaching future. One big decision from him can propel his stocks and enable the fans to have more confidence in him. In 2014 he allowed Hayne to leave for the NFL and made no attempt to persuade him back, 2015 he made such decision when he cut ties with sandow early, 2016 he made such decision with giving foran the chop as well. I think those decisions were crucial to setting us up for a top four finish back in 2017. Of course you can argue that he was forced to make such decisions because of external factors but he was showed more than enough resilence to make them nonetheless and back his squad depth to overcome player losses

2018 he needs to make such a decision again and the victim this time needs to be Corey Norman. Coreys time is up with Parramatta and if Arthur wants to improve his coaching image and the teams performance than he would right to sack norman or at least drop him to the ISP. Its a decision that has been murmured about over the last week and its something that will put the team on notice that no one is safe. If Arthur does this one decision and makes good acquisitions in the player market (paulo and klemmer possibily are a good start) i gurantee he will see a turnaround in the teams attitude and performance, he will also regain some respect from the fans as the independant and tough coach image he possessed only a few years back.

I would love to see a new coaching face but its not going to happen there are no decent coaches available and we are stuck with BA. But i think if the above happens than maybe all is not lost in 2019 and beyond.

Just remember we cant be any worse with BA than canterbury are in the long term

"Just remember we cant be any worse with BA than canterbury are in the long term"

Yep, just like the Tigers were in disarray last season and we were going to be so much better off than them this season.

Best not to compare ourselves to any other club. We always find a way to set the benchmark for failure and disappointment.

Even if canterbury get rid of both mbye and klemmer (their best players) and all their off contract players they would only have 16 players on their roster with only 1.6 million or so in the cap. To meet the player quota they would then sign need to sign 14 players. If each of those players took a base salary of 85,000 ( which no does) they would still be over the cap.

Its a dire situation far worse than ive ever seen in rugby league. Its best not to compare i know but when at least we have the freedom to get rid of deadwood and sign better players for the future then our situation doesnt look as bad.

There have been rumours that BA will be cutting alot of deadwood at seasons end and the recuitment for next season has so far been positive. Im not happy with this season but its always going to be difficult without radradra and with the clubs financial constraints coming back to haunt us.

I can only hope 2019 we are stronger. 2018 is a goner

The Tigers had massive problems, sacking a couple of coaches, punting their most senior player, punting another coach shortly after, losing 3 of their best players, financial and management issues, etc. Yet, here we are this season.

You may be right about the Dogs, but we could just as easily do worse than them.

In any event, we do have many players coming off contract at seasons end. Do we risk our player recruitment at such a crucial time to BA, after what we've seen so far? I say hell no. End it now and give the next guy the best possible chance to build his team asap. Let's get on with it quickly.

'You may be right about the Dogs, but we could just as easily do worse than them.' - think we already are!!!


Of course but the argument was about the next few seasons. 


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