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Multiple sources are reporting that Shaun Lane has signed with the Eels for 2019 on a year deal at 350k. Manly fans happy/unhappy.

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Cue the detractors! hahahaha

Signed for who?

FUKKING ORF SEEZUN MALADY now includes brain damage.

Blah blah blah broken fukin record again, you’ve got real issues chief

Hindburt whinging kent with a wooden spoon up his arse

Your the only Kent that’s whinging dickhead, just do evy1 a favour & feck off

Except players you mentioning such as pangai jnr would cost 700k.  Then add another 100 for fringe first grader.  Shaun lane has had injury issues but is solid player with potential. 300 is reasonable and as stated elsewhere we chasing tapaow which along with Paulo are our 700k forwards.

But don't let truth get in the way of a good whinging agenda.

If you love wooden spoons midget stick to your excuse making mediocrity accepting ways.

We would have not been able to get Pangai Junior if we offered 650.

It is pure conjecture that we have paid 350....it is actually 220.

Get back in your cave Chief, you have been relatively good today.....don't worry you will get something to chomp on later!

Poppa you are equal to the other unicorns and the mediocrity accepters. The elite on this site picked the eyes out of the Kane Evans debacle even before his debut here. Lane will be the same as was with Vave hoffman Watmough Matagi Williams beu and co.

What you can't accept is that by ba signing these bum players,  it leaves minimal dollars left to sign someone of Pangai's class.

It's not brain surgery.

It's not rocket science.

You guys are delusional and uneducated 

I'm pretty dopey but I think that statement is discrimatory?

You can’t let praise or criticism get to you Poppy, it’s a weakness to get caught up in either one, so i suggest you stay in your little bubble and sort yourself out.!!!


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