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Semi has had his first press conference at Toulon and didn't commit to the second year straight up:

Semi Radradra présenté aux médias by rctoulon

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Didn't Semi used to play rugby? If I was him I would wait and see if I could handle the smaller servings of food first. Then it will be upto how much money they show him first. Money talks.

Yep, he played Rugby growing up. He said he's signed for one year and after that year he'll sit down with Toulon and see what happens. He is going to be competing for a spot at Toulon. Their two starting centres are Ma'a Nonu and Malakai Fekitoa with Nonu retiring from All Blacks duty while Fekitoa is a current All Black.

He's said that's his preferred position but I guess we'll see given he's coming back to the sport after about 5 years away from it. They may blood him back through the wing off the bench. I mean it'd be a tough ask to drop a legend like Nonu or a current AB.

Not when they've got someone like Nonu there who is still elite and would be able to break the line and find Semi on the outside.

Fekitoa has been on the outer for the ABs for at least 12 months hence why he ended up at Toulon.

He's been outplayed by the current midfielders in SBW Anton Lennett-Brown and Ryan Crotty.
Semi is smart not getting caught up in whether he is staying beyond a year at this stage. Not sure who the bloke is on his left, with the very very long comments, but he doesn't look too impressed haha.

The whole Semi, will he - wont he be back or staying in French Rugby is really like a festering sore that seems to heal and then gets worse - on and on it goes.

Semi also puts out different stories and the fans wrap it up.  So far he has said, he will wait and see how he likes it, he will likely come  back after the first year,  he is going to honour the 2nd year of the contract, option his way-  he is going to return to eels,  makes a media call that he wants the eels to keep a spot open for him, one of the last was he wanted the eels to keep money available for him.

Its actually worse than some long running U.S TV soap opera, where same plots with same people are rehashed over and over - Thing to me is how much will the RU game affect, affect his game, to come back after basically non stop football next june may be asking too much of him, he may get some time off though to celebrate his 40th birthday.

Another unknown is with his recent marriage as to whether she wants to stay in France or not. lets not forget the money side of things either as he will be wanting much more back in the NRL, if he stays over there for his option year, a return at 27, not sure of how much value will remain in him, by that stage we should have a couple of the young players ready for the top.

Yeah Colin, smart sportstars realise they are a commodity that needs to sell. As such tell em what they want to hear. Semi would've learned a lot from the Hayne balls up GC press conference. Ha virtually admitting he doesn't want to be there, don't think semi that naive.

This is actually a very smart move, at his age without any injuries he'll get as much money as he can. 

Playing NRL getting his full contract paid from Parra, then off to France to play Union for a full season on a huge contract. Then at his option straight after union he can pretty much come back to NRL for no doubt another massive contract. If he needs a break he cant take his 2nd year option and play union again. But these "farmers" are raised and built to keep working without breaks. 

Say what you want to say about him, but he puts bums on seats and his agent made a very smart move for Semi. 

With these athletes, they're career will only take them to about 34-35 years, whilst some will go onto media, a lot will have nothing left after NRL and from going from $800k a year to $100k or less a year is a huge life adjustment. 

His first comments about just worrying about this year are promising..

Then he says he see's himself as a ruby player which is not so positive...

Semi will hate France and it ill affect his performance. We gave him alot of freedom here .
He will be like Ben Barba and he will end up back in Parra by March

Of course he is going to say that, he's just about to begin his first year on Million Dollar contract with a new club/ I think a lot can be learnt from the way Hayne handles his Gold Coast media conference. Anyway in my opinion, i dont think he'll be back in the NRL.


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