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Looks like it is actually going to happen going be the news the last half hour or so. Hopefully the old legend Hayne comes back, not the lazy uninterested one.

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If some of us can't handle Jarryd Hayne returning after one year With another NRL club. How would we have handle Jamie Lyons returning if he wanted to finish at Parramatta after the Sea Eagles.

Jamie Lyon is dead to me


That's easy for me. I wouldn't have supported the club while that traitor played for us if he'd actually got a contract back with us. Jamie Lyon was no Jarryd Hayne. Jarryd loves Parra. Lyon didn't.

I'm sorry who? Jamie Lyon? Never heard of her.

Isn’t it just as likely he’ll end up at the Knights? Or Manly or Cronulla? Or even Chooks, as we all know they have no cap.
Regardless, if Hayne lobs at Parra, it’s such a mixed blessing, because of the large gap between what he promises and what he tends to deliver.

Yeah, but what if?.....................What if he delivers!!!!!!!!!!

Most of us still have that candle burning.........what if??????

BTW I'm still waiting for my lotto numbers to fall.

I'll forgive and forget if he wins us a premiership. But that's it.

The titans have confirmed Haynes release......interesting what occurs next.

On the 10 news Annersley had announced the release of him then, it was announced he would coming on a 500K contract.  The release was on compassionate grounds, which gives a big thumbs up to the Titans for dignity in the whole issue.

An interview was then had with Peter Wynn at his shop, where he was putting up older style Eels jersey's with his name on them and on one I noticed was the number 1.  Peter was quite positive about the move as well.

On the same news bulletin was the announcement that Latu was heading to the Titans and Pearce has signed a $4m, 4 year deal to play with the Nights.

Don't want him really. Oh well


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