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Looks like it is actually going to happen going be the news the last half hour or so. Hopefully the old legend Hayne comes back, not the lazy uninterested one.

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That's in Fongy territory Snakey!

I’m looking forward to seeing a new humble Jarryd Hayne a hard working eighty minute team player.

Looks sheepishly around to see who is laughing!..................I hope your right Slugg but we know better!

Slugg, although your desire is legitimate, I think we would be better served and Jarryd better prepared if he suddenly became an enthusiastic trainer especially in regards to his fitness and stamina levels.

In respect of JH becoming humble? I reckon that has already begun as evidenced by him not holding out for the extra month of payment from the Titans and his acceptance that he is not worth anything like what he could received had he stayed on the Gold Coast or for that matter even if he'd have fit under the broosters sombrero!

I’m obviously a dismal failure when it comes to sarcasm

Its our sense of humour Sluggy, nobody understands over 60's humour......these abcxyz generations or what ever they are don't have a lot of original thinking locked in......its more who said what on social media and we will vote whether we like it not!

Rowdy apparently Henry had to lock the toilets during a training session because Jarryd kept on going to use his phone lol.

If some of us can't handle Jarryd Hayne returning after one year With another NRL club. How would we have handle Jamie Lyons returning if he wanted to finish at Parramatta after the Sea Eagles.

Jamie Lyon is dead to me


That's easy for me. I wouldn't have supported the club while that traitor played for us if he'd actually got a contract back with us. Jamie Lyon was no Jarryd Hayne. Jarryd loves Parra. Lyon didn't.

I'm sorry who? Jamie Lyon? Never heard of her.


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