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Looks like it is actually going to happen going be the news the last half hour or so. Hopefully the old legend Hayne comes back, not the lazy uninterested one.

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Hayne’s return to Sydney has seen the Eels’ premiership odds ease from $12 to $13, their minor premiership chances slide from $11 to $13 while they went from $2.75 to $2.85 to make the finals and from $1.45 to $1.50 to make the top four.

Says it all really.

OH well it was great finishing in the top 4 this year. Back to the bottom of the ladder we go.

Yep and if has a mom game in the first few weeks the odds will shorten by double that amount. FFS the bookies had Canberra and Penrith as favourites this year. In other words they don't mean sh1t.

bookies odds only indicate where the money is going.

Gem, support another team mate

Who is gem?

If you know anything about odds BEM that is not exactly a blow out.......$1.50 to make the top four......is too low for mine. 

agree with you BEM but the majority think haine is a wonderboy.

So BA has taken on two big gambles in Hayne and Tony Williams
This could make or break him
I really hope he gets the best out of them

& now we know the 2 big signings for next year

both lazy

the question is,,,who is haine going to not get on with and get that person sacked???coach or a player???my opinion is the team will not have a good year and go back to their ways when haine was in the team. The forwards will look lethargic and disinterested. IMO haine is a burden not an asset. wonder what ex titans coach is thinking. why didn't haine just go back then instead of getting a man sacked???

I am still to see either Hayne or the Eels CONFIRM anything' or have I missed something.


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