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Looks like it is actually going to happen going be the news the last half hour or so. Hopefully the old legend Hayne comes back, not the lazy uninterested one.

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If you know anything about odds BEM that is not exactly a blow out.......$1.50 to make the top four......is too low for mine. 

agree with you BEM but the majority think haine is a wonderboy.

So BA has taken on two big gambles in Hayne and Tony Williams
This could make or break him
I really hope he gets the best out of them

& now we know the 2 big signings for next year

both lazy

the question is,,,who is haine going to not get on with and get that person sacked???coach or a player???my opinion is the team will not have a good year and go back to their ways when haine was in the team. The forwards will look lethargic and disinterested. IMO haine is a burden not an asset. wonder what ex titans coach is thinking. why didn't haine just go back then instead of getting a man sacked???

Breaking news at end of Channel 10 news just on 6pm Jaryd Hayne has signed a one year contract with Parramatta.


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