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Wayne Bennet has announced that Sam Thaiday wont be resigned. As a Test and Origin player. Would you have a crack at him for a year?

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Maybe over Frank Pritchard?
Nah I wouldn't I think they have plans for a few of the younger brigade coming through and they have enough leadership onboard going foward.

Don't need Thaiday.
I think he would be better value than Pritchard and good metre eater of the bench.
If he wasnt playing well i would say no but he is still going strong

Surely we have moved past even needing to ask this? Surely, given the end of career signing s that we have previously been burnt by?

Thaiday has been a shadow of his former self this season. Bit hard to compare him with Civoniceva given Petero had 4 years of good football at Penrith before finishing at the Broncos. Added to that is Petero got to choose his Origin retirement such was his form unlike Thaiday, who was dropped.

I don't think Beau Scott's signing outweighs Carl Webb, Chris Walker, Paul Whatuira and even Watmough. 

Which one of our back-rowers of Scott, Edwards, Tepai and Ma'u do you drop to accommodate Thaiday? Cause he's sure as hell not coming to play for Wenty. 

We really need to just look at a possible hooking target and a prop target. We've had our period of buying a bunch of old heads to build experience. Our top 17 backrow, by the end of this season will 50 games or more under their belts. You throw in Scott and Pritchard to that line-up and you've got a nice group of seasoned footballers and veteran guys with room to accommodate someone like Ualesi or Niukore if their form/injury warrants it next season.

You oppose that to when Choc arrived and Manu had played a handful of games, Tepai had played a handful of games and Edwards a handful of games. Those guys needed a hard head in the pack. Now they themselves are coming into that experienced part of their careers. In the next 2-3 years all those guys will pass 100 games.

Thiaday offers a hell of a lot more than Timmy.

LOL, Poppa and I will stick with Bennetts over yours. 

You really think he MADE Corey retire last year Poppa? I don't doubt Thaiday has been a bloody good player.  Personally, I think this is just a Bennet tactic to get Sammy to pull his finger out.

Fair enough Poppa but it is a cut throat business these days.  Now as a point of reflection here, has Tim Mannah not shown great loyalty to our Club and yet some continually put out the hate campaign against him here.  Have you spoken up against them?  A great Club man, clearly struggling playing needled up and with ongoing HIAs.  Where is the sympathy for him?  

Poppa, Maybe Bennett thinks these guys are holding things back.? Or is there something else to it..? Power
I'd rather sign Charlie Gubb

It would be a good story, coming back home after all these years, he was born in Baulkham Hills.


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