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Wayne Bennet has announced that Sam Thaiday wont be resigned. As a Test and Origin player. Would you have a crack at him for a year?

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Maybe over Frank Pritchard?
Nah I wouldn't I think they have plans for a few of the younger brigade coming through and they have enough leadership onboard going foward.

Don't need Thaiday.
I think he would be better value than Pritchard and good metre eater of the bench.
If he wasnt playing well i would say no but he is still going strong

Surely we have moved past even needing to ask this? Surely, given the end of career signing s that we have previously been burnt by?

No way EE.....the value of Beau Scott alone outweighs that comment.

Thaiday is one of the most whole hearted players you could ever buy and the leadership and tuition he could give to our forwards would be extremely welcome.

I am surprised at the negativity in us being  able to get him, gladly pay 450k to show appreciation .......for a forward that has plenty still going for him.

The one thing we lack in the forwards is experience and hard headedness and he will bring a winning culture to us as well......Do you think Penrith had any regrets when they got Pietro for a couple of years.

To be honest we would be crazy not to chase him......I haven't been so confident in a signing since Nathan Brown came on board and you all poo pooed him at the time, then their was French he is too small, Guth was too skinny, Jennings is a has been and Moses....what a disgrace getting a turnstyle.

Sorry I stick to my talent predictions over you lot!

Thaiday has been a shadow of his former self this season. Bit hard to compare him with Civoniceva given Petero had 4 years of good football at Penrith before finishing at the Broncos. Added to that is Petero got to choose his Origin retirement such was his form unlike Thaiday, who was dropped.

I don't think Beau Scott's signing outweighs Carl Webb, Chris Walker, Paul Whatuira and even Watmough. 

Which one of our back-rowers of Scott, Edwards, Tepai and Ma'u do you drop to accommodate Thaiday? Cause he's sure as hell not coming to play for Wenty. 

We really need to just look at a possible hooking target and a prop target. We've had our period of buying a bunch of old heads to build experience. Our top 17 backrow, by the end of this season will 50 games or more under their belts. You throw in Scott and Pritchard to that line-up and you've got a nice group of seasoned footballers and veteran guys with room to accommodate someone like Ualesi or Niukore if their form/injury warrants it next season.

You oppose that to when Choc arrived and Manu had played a handful of games, Tepai had played a handful of games and Edwards a handful of games. Those guys needed a hard head in the pack. Now they themselves are coming into that experienced part of their careers. In the next 2-3 years all those guys will pass 100 games.

Thiaday offers a hell of a lot more than Timmy.

Tell you what Super, the great Frankie Fong once called you a dope....he wasn't wrong.

How good do you think our pack is going.....do you honestly think Thaiday is not better value than Edwards and Tepai.....

Do you not think Thaiday could player in the front row or middle forward and tell me what the difference is. Shadow of his former self is a gross misjudgement....he was in good form going into the last origin game and had carried an injury early in the season.

At 32 he is not over the hill and has lots of intangible benefits to offer our developing forwards.

Super you are quite delusional in terms of the next steps we need to take....stick to soccer and poor mans journalism!

LOL, Poppa and I will stick with Bennetts over yours. 

You may find his judgement is not what it once was EE.

I felt he made a huge mistake in making Corey Parker retire last year and effected the whole morale of the team. Likewise this year he has chased away Ben Hunt and now Sammy.

Broncs are a shadow of the team that played Cowboys in the Grand Final two years ago.

I think that Bennett has lost that personal touch with his players he was previously renowned for.

Sammy has played 28 origins and 30 Tests, throw in some grand finals and you don't reckon that experience would not be handy for our plans for the next 3 years.

You have already had Super Idiot telling us he has no where to fit with Edwards and Tep in their current blistering form.......

You really think he MADE Corey retire last year Poppa? I don't doubt Thaiday has been a bloody good player.  Personally, I think this is just a Bennet tactic to get Sammy to pull his finger out.

I know it for a fact EE and what's more he(Parker) will not forgive him for it. He did not want to retire.

It caused a very large opinion change at the Bronco's. I know people that would once have sworn by Bennett that have lost all respect for him in recent times!

Actually what he has done to Thaiday is a pretty low act....Thaiday has demonstrated great loyalty to his club and yes there will be a chance he will retire.

I would chase him and tell him we have a challenge waiting for him and ask him is he up to it.

If Thaiday was a Parramatta player, a one team player that had achieved what he has, I would be disgusted to think we would treat a player like him.

His words were cold and insincere!


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