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There's reports Neil Henry didn't want the Hayne plane but was overruled by the board. Suck shit !! Lol!!

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He is probably just trying to save face with the senior playing group. If Titans were knee deep in the 8, he'd have a different attitude. NRL pushed for Hayne to join Titans sure, but Henry was probably salivating at the thought of a 2 time Dally M winner at his club (and who would blame him with such a young spine). Every other team chasin him (Roosters, Parra, Knights etc) are all breathing a sign of relief right now
I dunno , Henry was pretty meh about it when Haynes manager was shopping him around .
This was mentioned by PKent last night on 360.

If there wasn't already internal rumblings and discontent at the Titans, there farking is now!!!


Love reading all this shitt about the Tits, Dogs, Tigers, Rabbits and not the Eels for a change.

Titan fans, Welcome to the Hayne Train year one. Another year & another $1.2 mil to go. Hayne was absolutely devastating in 2009 but it appeared he let it go to his head. I have met Hayne & while talking to him it felt like I didn't even exist, He wasn't the least bit interested & it showed. I also met Tim Mannah while I was picking my car up from service one afternoon & lets just say I felt really good after our little chat. I could tell Tim was in a hurry so I didn't want to waffle on but I could also tell that he didn't want to brush me off, He cared how I felt.

Attitude is everything.

Apparently there's a few issues there and would be no surprise to see Henry gone sooner rather than later. It would be sad really, he did a fantastic job with them last year and has had about the worst run of injuries I've ever seen at a club this year. He can obviously coach.

I'd be punting Hayne before punting Henry . Even if you had to pick up 600k of his 1.2 mil , the teams obviously much better without him .

Henry had them firing along quite nicely last year before he arrived .
The rumblings will get a whole lot worse when they announce Henry sacked and Hayne appointed cpt. coach for the next five years the first since Wally in 1992
Four Corners: NSW accused of dumping rubbish north of the border into QLD
Hahahaha .
Couldn't believe the images of Hayne wobbling after Corey Oates as he ran away for a try the other night.
Can't believe how much he has slowed. If that was 3 years ago he would've caught him within 5 metres - very sad to see him decline so quickly.


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