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Just wondering what left of field shows people have a bit of a liking for?

My top 3:

1. Stacy Dooley (how hot is this little gem?)

Hard hitting drug investigations etc.

2. The cook and the chef (Granny vs the poof)

Love this show, it just works and makes many other cooking shows look 2nd rate.

3. Penn and Teller.

My kids started watching this magic show and I'm hooked!


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Casting couch 

I dont watch tv unless you call security cameras tv shows i do

Not Quirky but if u want a fkn great show to watch try BANSHEE... Stream on Foxtel 

Top show... loved it.

Shit yeah I only started watching it 3 weeks ago and I’m already up to season 4!! 

Sounds good.

Will take a look.

Veronica Mars. 

I watch cheers every night
It’s like a security blanket

1- Suits

2- Rules of engagement

3- Anything UFC

4- Ballers  (great show with The Rock)

5- Power

Fargo is quirky. 

1. the league of gentlemen - absolutely outstanding dark english comedy, lots of freaky trannies and devious activities

Love League of Gentlemen. The recent comeback series wasn't so good but the originals are seminal.


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