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 Historically when a coach is sacked the players respond positively for a week to two or three, then fall back to their average performance that brought about the dismissal of the coach. It is no secret that the four players off contract from West-Tigers this year have had some input about the coaching staff position for next year. If it turns out that that performances do not improve in the next two or three weeks those played action re the coach will be under attention in the negative sense. What club would want to pay $800 K a year for non-performing player who question the suitability of his own coach? I suggest that those four platers ought to consider the offers available today and not wait two or three weeks when their reputation may be much lower that they are today.

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What's success has he had at any previous clubs

Just bugger off Monto, seriously you add nothing to this site.

I thought it might have been monto but im pretty sure its not, its benj.

Youre just not learning Bug. Dont feed the Troll.

Kinda like some dodos spitting the dummy after one bad loss and convienently seem to forget that outside of Bellamy there is zero chance of any one man enduring what we went through last year and surviving as well as we did?
The 4 that tigers are trying to keep happy want dymock and pay at the club
Your right rider I bite everytime ahha
Hahha Mace
I agree
Agree Robert. Can't believe that even with the you beaut chosen nrl reps on board, they would approve such a huge payout only to turn around and sack the coach after two poor losses.
Makes our coaching merry go round good.
The 4 that tigers are trying to keep happy want dymock and pay at the club
Own the blame at least some if not most. The coach is not out on field and can't do it for you.


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