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Drink up Sunday is mad Monday early.

How dare them, 

Pieces of shit, most eels fans were struggling sleeping last night because they were so let down and angry, i certainly was, but fuckwits like these clowns are looking stoked.

And Mannah in the presser was beyond disgraceful, look like he'd just popped 5 eccys and was peaking the whole presser, f*** i despise that fool.

Lol Snake fark them I had a few myself after that game beat all those players to it.

Its footy mate life moves on.

Its not healthy takING it this personally.

Have to disagree mate. If the players showed as much passion as the fans we wouldn't have got lapped last night.

We literally stopped tackling.

Right now is the lowest the club has been since I started following them in the early ,80's. It's a dire situation and the scary thing is that it appears nothing is going to be done about it.

We are currently on the deck of the Titanic mate. We've already hit the ice berg and everyone's sitting around on the deck while the band plays music. 

Yeah I can't disagree with that.

Ive been a fan with this club lower the Kearney and Stuart years were borderline worse than this.

When Arthur became coach I actually saw what light looked like outside of this year which no argument was a train wreck.

But I've moved on from this I'm not going to let a poor result effect my mentality for being a fan never have.

Shit I'm even geared up for the NFL where my Falcons take on the girlband and Champs the E-gURLs in Philly on Friday NZT.

lol - good attitude - no point in investing emotion on a losing bet :)

I reckon we are in worse shape now than when SK was coach. At least back then the club acted - at the moment it would appear we are going to tread water for the next 12 months which is a very dangerous approach to take.

Cheers mate :)

Fair enough
If I was them I would of had a few more

I'd be smashed from now to November 1.

Me too grunts, I would be mucking up for sure.

The pole you know to well coach. 

They are mercenaries plain and simple, Norman more so, with Gutherson you could tell in most of the losses this year he was upset/angry/heartbroken etc and he seems to care more than what Mannah does. Mannah just smiles and goes "Oh well".


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