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Official breaking news - Michael Pearce becomes a Knight.

Daily Telegraph reports Pearce has signed with Newcastle.

4 year deal worth $1 million a season.

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Yes herd the same thing manly are angry
Great for the game. It’s where the NRL should have directed Cronk to go.
Good for Knights and Pearce.
Playing in Newcastle would be a good gig I reckon. Beaches, out of the city etc. The move should freshen Mitch up a bit.
I have been in Newcastle since 2003 . For 4 years I missed home ( syd) . Now it's moving so far ahead , amazing restaurants , bars and opportunities. I have a 5 bedroom home with pool near bush ) think west pennant hills / highs Rd that is 750k .....
I would say to anyone wanting to escape syd grind it's the place to be . No parking charges at gorgeous beaches wineries in half an hour....
And I can be back at Wahroonga in 1 hr 20
Great lifestyle peeps

Shouldn't you be named Newyeel Carlo?

No no
And no . I am NOT A NOVOCASTRIAN , I am a proud Syd gal,we have diff DNA. But am happy to share my knowledge up here, enjoy their wares and have cheaper real estate :-))

Newy and the CC, the Sydney retirement village?

My in laws did exactly that.

Got a mate in Newcastle, sez cocaine and dog rape is big up there

The dogs up there are groomed kurupt, could hardly call it rape.

f*** wit


Who da f*** is this little b****, watch ya mouth f*****.


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