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Mexican Man Roberto Carbrera, 54, Sets World Record for Biggest Penis Recorded On A Human Being.

First off id like to give credit to Frank for this mail, hes always gets the penis scoops first, it was Frank who alerted me to Roberto's plight, thanks Frank, i appreciate you keeping the site up to date with this sort of news..

This is not a story for laughs, its a story about one mans plight. In fact Roberto admits he cant find a woman to have sex with because of his massive size, so its a lonely existance for Roberto not to mention he cant walk without getting chaffed and cant sleep on his front.

In Breaking news, 54 year old Mexican Roberto Carbrera who is evidently a huge Parramatta Eels fan, has smashed the previous world record of just under 14'' erect to measure in his colossus at 18.9 inches erect, 13 inches soft to register the longest penis ever recorded on a man.

I personally think if he lost a few kg he'd easily reach the magic 19'' holy grail.

This has made Roberto a unable to perform daily activities and he is on disability pension but he refuses to have a recommended reduction because he is so proud of his penis ''in Mexico a man is judged by the size of his penis, the bigger the penis the more macho the man is'' Roberto states.

MESSAGE TO BERNIE GURR - Bernie do you see what im seeing?

I think weve just found our new mascot! Sparky's days are over, hes garbage, why dont we put this guy in a golf cart, get his penis an eels outfit and Bobs your uncle, the fans will go nuts, a few laps around the stadium and BOOM!

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking, note his facial expressions, thats what pride looks like ladies and gentlemen, and check out the black shoes and white socks, one word......Legend.......

NOTE - As to not break any forum rules of nudity ive only included pictures of Robertos penis socked.

Last few pics are priceless.

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I've actually previously read up on this guy and it's been said that the reason it's so large isn't natural which is a bit of a letdown . Apparently he's been stretching it daily using weights and talcum powder inside the foreskin and the whole thing isn't much more than one big forey bandaged up full of stuffing .

So he's a bit of an anti climax so to speak . Just one big floppy foreskin .

Bwahaha pops it seems www.infowars.com, www.brietbart.com and Fox are the only places you can get some real news in the states these days, good to see youve been reading!

Nothin like a good penis story on a saturday morning

Is he popular with the ladies? Not a very good looking man.

Depends on who you ask Slip, he;s gor a full head of hair and a cheeky smile, maybe Carol might be interested?

Carol is not neither is Carlo

Morning Carol, who the feks Carlo?

It looks like he has stuck someone's amputated limb to his groin. What's with all the bandages? He should be wearing one of those elephant g strings where his c*ck goes in the trunk.
Maybe we should all chip in and send him a custom made blue and gold Eels c*ck warmer to wear. He could be like our mascot in the Latino part of the world.
Hope Bern's onto this.

BOOM!!! New mascot!

The only lady to fit him in would have to be Guadalupe de La Burrhochita,the star performer  at the "live sex Donkey Show" in Tijuana.

Have you seen that show Tom?

If he got an erection he would pass out.


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