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It sounds like he wants out at panthers. Good buy or not.

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Get him now.
Yes please

easily take him over hayne 

Yes offcourse
If true yes be a great buy but the one of the no cap club will get him

Not a fan of hipsters, he looks like he looks like he rides a fixy and eats smashed Avo and kale on rye bread for lunch.

Not a fan.

Why would the Wiff let this bloke go?
I call BS.
This came from Peter Tunks on 2SM. Apparently, according to Tunks, he has issues with Hook. Wouldn't be the first player to have problems with that personality deprived goblin.
And yes, I'd have him in a heartbeat, Perfect replacement for Bula.
He’s a gun. Current international too.

Hes overrated imo.

Wouldn’t come cheap
Neither would've Semi


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