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Just seen on Fox Sports News Parramatta have a major announcement today at 11.30am.
Any idea what it is?

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CBA does need somewhere to put its money laundering profits lol....
Exactly fish, perfect fit! Lol
The ‘Chronic Dribblers’ will be exposed OR a major sponsor announcement OR Jarryd Hayne has signed with the Eels OR Brad Arthur has left as coach OR something else.

they're obviously announcing the outcome of the Same Sex Marriage vote

parramatta leagues club will host the first legal gay wedding in australia... ?.

We're changing our colours from Blue n Gold..... To Rainbow!

That no one is coming because of our new strip and white shorts
That we are buying Tits and Hayne will play at both.
Have been watching fox sports news all morning and have been checking the fox sports app, have not seen any reports thier going live to the eels live for an Announcement at 11:30. Its ethier poorly advertised by fox sports or this is a gee up.
Me neither nada
So our major sponsor is a property developer?


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