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Just now Michael Chammas from NRL.com has revealed that Clint Gutherson will be named at fullback for this weekend's clash on Saturday.

After suffering an ACL injury in July 2017, Gutherson has been sorely missed from the Eels squad.

Brad Arthur has also quashed speculation that Mitchell Moses and Corey Norman don't get on with Arthur saying they often spend plenty of time together off the field.

It's also believed Bevan French and Kane Evans will also be available this week.

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He'll be sweet. He was training with the full squad back in January.

Here's also what BA had to say..

The lanky fullback/five-eighth has been ready for a couple of weeks but Arthur said he resisted the temptation to inject him, despite a 0-5 start to the season for the Eels.

"It would have been nice to rush him back a couple of weeks ago but we wanted to do everything by the book and make sure everyone was comfortable and his head space was right to play," Arthur said.

"That's the final piece of it now – is making sure.

"He called me 'a cat' last week because I wouldn't name him in the team. So he's been riding me a bit," the coach added.

WE have to assume he is either fit (kneewise) or not. Doesn't matter what position he plays with respect to that i.e. a winger has got just as much chance as a front row forward.

Poppa : Your "logic" here is all bent The only possibilities are, he is fit or he not. So, why do you assume that?

Actually I am not bent Robert.....my logic not withstanding.

My point is there are two type's of fitness in this case "aerobic" i.e. ability to physically last the distance and "injury wise" given the nature of the injury you can only play to the extent it is totally recovered, confidence and other mental factors are intangibles in that equation.

So the theory is that aerobic fitness will effect him if he plays fullback, centre or wing......this particular player is more than likely to be up for anything in that respect.

The position he plays can provide an environment from what ever circumstance that could cause a reinjury if he is not totally recovered in that respect.

Guth should only play and I would assume there are no other circumstances, in that he is totally recovered from the injury.

I might note that as a casual observer and of watching players come back from these injuries, that in can take up to half a season before we see a return to something like they were previously.

I think all will feel abit nervous when ever he goes down with any injury. He took about 3 games to come good when he started with us after injury. We should not have too high expectations on him alone to make a big difference.early..Would hate to see supporters turn on him with unrealistic expectations. Hope our attack improves this week----pretty sure that will be worked on this week

Exciting news and I hope he’s not being rushed back. Awesome player but you’re kidding yourself if you think one player will help us win a match. Canberra is an attacking side and they will destroy us. 


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