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Sacked by broncos. What do u guys think.

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I don’t know if any of this true, but it was always a weird signing for both player and club. It smacked of signing the biggest free agent on the market just for the sake of it, and it wasn’t a good fit for Bird either given that his reasons for leaving the Sharks were supposedly because he wanted to play fullback or five eight. 


He's got chronic arthritis or something hasn't he? I didn't see Milford one game this year, but I saw Bird and he was that big I thought he might have eaten Milford. He's not overrated in my opinion, he can really play, but injuries and illness are a bad sign. Never seemed to fit at the Broncos though, maybe he needs a change of scenery.

Chronic arthritis, debilitating injuries and overweight?

Roll out the blue and gold carpet!!!

If he was over 30 we'd have the quadrella. 

At his best he can be as great as Fittler or at least Trent Barrett, his combination of size, strength, athleticism & skill is pretty rare, but he needs to get his body and mind right.

Brett I am not convinced that he is a 5/8. Maybe he can be in time. Would make a good centre or edge back rower. He was on way too much money, $800,000 at the Broncos as I understand.

Big call to say he is as good as Fittler.

I said at his best.

He would definitely be a running five eight and would need to be partnered with an strong organising halfback.

Fair enough. his size and speed would make him dangerous. I get a strong sense he is a bit intractable, Never seemed happy at the Sharks

Yeah, he is a bit moody from all reports.

Please Brett.. at the age of 17 Filter was competing with tough players when he debuted, I don't see the comparison

I stand by my comparison 

I wasn't comparing them as 17 year olds, I was comparing in a more general sense, in particular the fact that they are both big, physical five eights, again so was Trent Barrett.


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