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Is The Winter Olympics Just A Holiday Camp for Aussie Athletes?

Is it just me or are the winter olympics just a holiday for these Aussie athletes?

Every young Aussie female athlete comes across as a giggling idiot when interviewed after their events or trial runs, over the moon with underpar performances and mediocrity, trotting out the chestnut 'im just so happy to be here' while giggling like an idiot.

Then weve got dopes like Chumpy Pullin who is more interested in talking about his shit house guitar efforts and checking his hair is in the right place poking out of his beanie than delivering anything of substance in his bread and butter event, hes the biggest choker in olympic history.

Theres no killer instinct from these clowns, its just a holiday and lifestyle on tax payers money, why are these chicks giggling like brainless clones every time they are interviewed?

Not many of our winter athletes ever look like they are there to do the business,  they look like they are at a rave party holiday resort in Bali, wake up you bums..

Not to mention most of them look like sheltered rich kids from Knox, half of them look like theyve been pulled from the register of the local sportsgirl shop.

Win some medals you giggling dopes or dont come back home is my message to the team.

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 x 2. I thought I was just getting old and cranky. I agree 100%

Maybe we are just both old and cranky PT.

even though NZ only won 2 Bronze I think they were more relevant than the Aussies.

We've actually won 12 medals all up, including 5 Gold. Not bad for a country in the topics.

Its just a great opportunity for guys to go over there and thrash some chicks.

Love sex in winter......

Summer sex is way better.

Apparently athletes got given 40 condoms that was meant to last the entire games, most countries had already gone through their allocated supplies before the opening ceremony had taken place.

Grow up fool

I pity the fool 

Let me guess, you don’t ski or snowboard?

Thats true, but i dont do anything they do in the summer olympics and still love it.

Yeah but the majority of Aussies been brought up in the heat (me included) I think these views would be very different if our winters and mountains we’re longer/ higher. There’s a lot of gutsy & skilled people about to show there skill!
Jump into the northern hemisphere sports for 2 weeks!


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