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Is this Confirmed???

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Oh well he will be A French Dog!

Terrible news
Good luck to him.really knows his way to the try line does young Bev....and the sideline.

Could turn out to be another Ben Barba!

No big loss

Hopoate improved there after we let him go too.

It would be the ultimate betrayal if he signed with them. I know I know, people on here have a different mentality to me, maybe it's the english in me that sees it that way, most people on here have that Australian laid back mentality of it's just a game, she'll be right mate.
Nope, as bad as a rabbitohs going to the Roosters and vice versa.
He’s not wanted that’s why he’s going, just a wine o from south Kempsey anyway

He's not wanted Steel, players have to take gigs where they can get em.


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