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At the daily planet carney pleads for nrl to give him a go. I reckon the human bubbler can f*** off had more chances than bill Clinton cheating on Hillary lol!! Nah I reckon f*** him enjoy the bush footy

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Was what he did illegal or hurt anyone. NRL's a joke
Carney should say he wants to play for the Broncos. Greenturd will approve his contact in record time
Would you want him anywhere near Parra? Thought not. Enough said.

So he is guilty of drink driving, setting a midget on fire and p****** on himself.....he got banned from the game in Australia yet guys that have beaten woman were let off......when is Woman in League round scheduled for in 2018???

I agree that the NRL should not be stopping him coming back. I just can't see much interest from clubs though.

Good point Mack

My argument is there are young guys coming through system who are busting their guts to play first grade and this idiot with heaps of natural talent pissed his chances against the wall numerous times at different clubs.

Players have done much much much worse than Carney and are celebrated as superstars of the game , yet this clown seems to be treated like he gassed Greenburgs ancestors.    Maybe Todd needs to identify as a black fella to get another chance . 

Pretty sure the NRL are yet to be asked to re-register him so not sure how we can all assume that he will not be allowed back in?

Whilst I am not a fan of Toddy boy; the NRL can hardly play high and mighty with players in every club, who have either been involved in drug / alcohol / domestic violence / crimes / sex issues made public for whatever reason etc. Even Parra have guys who have had 'resurrections' at our club. I also add the media have a bit to answer for along with the NRL. If the NRL had strict rules on this then it wold not be an issue, so i am for him having a chance based on the plethora of players who before him have had chances.

Maybe someone needs to start a blog about the amount of players since 2010 who have had similar issues. It would be a fair team with some good halfbacks!

He has had 4 or 5 chances he can come back in but needs to be nil on the alchol not a drink he obviously cant handle it doesnt get paid 100s thousands for nothing


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