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I dont know enough about the salary cap or the workings of it and was wondering if anyone knows enough on here to tell me if this is possible or not.As an example ill use Hayne name.Is there anything in the rules stopping Parra naming Hayne as a captian coach and making BA as head coach of Parra .Hayne as a captian coach salary than be split from playing cap and coaching cap.Say 400k as a player and 250k as a coach.Im not saying for Hayne to be Parras coach it could be for example signing C.Smith for 2 seasons as a captain coach and splitting his contrat between coaching and playing

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It's an interesting idea, I don't have a definitive answer, the NRL under Greenberg is less transparent when it comes to the details of the cap than it was under Dave Smith, but I seriously doubt they'd go for it. 

It would be pretty obvious that we were trying to circumvent the cap. 

In fact, I'm sure there would be a provision in the CBA preventing this sort of thing.

If there was a possibility of doing this, every club would be doing it

great ideas cam smith as captain/coach

He's already Storm Captain and Referees Co-ordinator. Doubt he'd be able to wear 3 hats, he's only got 2 heads...

Don't forget there is also a cap on the football department expenditure which includes coaches


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