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Bulldogs inform Josh Reynolds he is no longer required - Eels reportedly interested

The Canterbury Bulldogs have reportedly told Josh Reynolds that he is not a required player for the 2018 season.
Reynolds, 28, signed a four year contract extension with the Bulldogs midway through the 2013 season, keeping him at the club to the end of the 2017 season.

It is understood that the Bulldogs want to reignite the halves position in 2018 and don’t see Josh Reynolds as the answer anymore and have informed he is free to negotiate with other clubs
It is understood Reynolds has priced himself at $800,000 per season for the 2018 season, a figure the Bulldogs believe is too high and have decided to move on from him.
The Canterbury Bulldogs local junior made his NRL debut with the Bulldogs in 2011 and has gone to make 121 appearances for the club and has played represented NSW in State of Origin on four occasions.

Reynolds hoped to stay at the Club for 2018 but this looks like it will no longer happen.
“I’d hate to leave the Dogs,” he says.
“It’s where I grew up, I love it there. It’s what I’m about, I feel I fit the culture really well.
“I love everyone there.
“I’d hate to leave, but it’s for them to decide.”
It is understood the St George Illawarra and Parramatta Eels have shown strong interest in Reynolds already for the 2018 season.

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Reynolds just doesn't seem to be the player he once was..He walks around like a 80 year old man.

Really hope we don't get him. 

No oo oo

Why buy an expensive half at the end of his career when we have Corey and Guth signed longterm and have adaquate backups with Foggerty

we dont need him - Gutherson is going to develop into a very good 5/8. Why not persist with him?

I can't see Parra paying $800k for him though. I reckon he'll probably go to St George, although they would be throwing all their salary cap into the halves with Hunt on their list next year.

If we did sign him, is he a better proposition than Gutho (especially given the difference in age), and where would that leave Gutho?

$800000 for Reynolds? Wow

yeah i know we arent even paying norman that yet 

We all knew we would literally be linked to every player


The Eels interested in Reynolds. Please. Ain't gonna happen. 

The Eels fans would March down Church Street in protest.
His management is just bumping up price


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