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Sucked in Bennet, i'd have Moses over Bird any day.
At least Moses is available to play more than 20% of the season.

Bennett doesn't rate Moses so why would he do a swap.  Bird may never play again and will still end up being more highly regarded them Moses.  Bird has played State of Origin and Moses, well he's the Para half.  Moses is being paid massive overs and we think he will part the red sea.  The Eels won't win a comp with Moses at half so piss him off now at any cost. 

If we let Norman go, without having and equal or better replacement option, then Lord help us. If we are looking at Jack Bird, then we are an even bigger rabble than I already thought. Normans performance this year has been a fail, but to be fair, so has the teams as an overall. That said, there must be other things going on in the back ground that we are not aware of for the Club to be so determined in getting rid of him. I don't for a minute think that Dozey has earned his dollars, but this amazes me. Who else is available as a replacement? Surely he can be managed and coached to achieve the level that we need?

Must be a good player if Bennett doesn't want him and would rather a broken player with troubles and can't get on the field in Bird. Just goes to show you how stupid BA is in spotting talent by signing Moses. If Bennett does not want Moses he can not be much of a player and Bennett would have a better idea than us. If Moses was any good he would of pushed for the swap as if it helped him win a premiership it would go along way in extending his contract as coach of the Bronco's.

That's twice Bennett's said no to having Moses. Smart man. 

Thank you Mr Bennett -dump a kid who can play for a broken down has been who can't make the Bronx FG side.

Bennett has done us a favour.


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