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Arthur and players should issue an apology

64 % completion rate and 15 errors its a f***** simple game I hope the boys are embarrassed the club should issue a apology to our supporters and the ones who paid overs to attend the game to watch that shit dished up.

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64% wow that's disgusting
I had a massive day at work and drove from the Central Coast through a bunch of traffic between Pymble and Top Ryde to arrive 20 minutes after kickoff. That performance made me wish I hadn't made the effort.

I'm really hoping that it was a loss we needed to have and normal transmission will be restored next week. It was a woeful performance!
An apology for what?
Enlighten me scotty
The use of the word "SUPPORTER" doesnt apply to you Ed. Your a fan, not a supporter
Thats sport get over it, one bad performance doesnt make our season. Suck it up and get on board next week

I don't know about an apology but gees they should be embarrassed - I will be when I rock up to work on Monday, why should they feel any different?

They should apologise for losing one of their last seven games. It's disgraceful.


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