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Another name being thrown around on social media as being released.

Do we need him?

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as I said in the cupboard, The bell tolled along time ago for Toleman, NO

Exact reason why we’d sign him because that’s what we do lmao

No, Even Timmy has his measure these days

He’s basically if Tim played many more minutes. They’re the same age too.
Aiden tolmen sucks. My mate is a massive dogs fan and can't stand the bloke. He wouldn't let you down in defence but we need a forward that breaks the line and he ain't it.

Sign him. He’s past his best, he would be cheap, no other club wants him, just what we’re looking for.

Aidan cheap would still be like 350k. Not worth it.

No we don't need him. He can still play, but he doesn't make us better.

Wouldn't surprise me at all if we signed him, exactly the type of player that BA loves.

There was an article last week stating that Parra were one of the lowest ranked teams in post contact metres, now you want to make sure we go lower by signing Toleman. Surprises me what some of you see in players like him. We don't have the forwards to accommodate him, too many like him, he would be good in a team like Melbourne who have a couple or three giants then he could be used to great effect

Where in my post does it say I think Parra should sign him up?


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