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Hi all ba has called secretly up fong to delve into secret never done before cutting edge technology to get the edge over every club well done mr fong and co well done this coach should have thought this before this plan gives our players super human powers without breaking the law https://youtu.be/izZcRV1zA8k

after you have all had a laugh tell me what are your fav recipes or meals

eg: do you like sausages

i want to hear the weird and wonderful https://youtu.be/izZcRV1zA8k

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Couldn’t agree more
Slugg, I think that your the continual ‘Chronic Dribbler’ on here with you tiny group of ‘Dribblets’ who come out of the wooodwork like termites to back up each other with your petty little mind games.
But just like termites when the light exposes you then you can’t handle it so you run and hide in your little cocoons waiting for another opportunity to strike but of course never alone, only in a group.
Just like a pack of wild dogs. So whose the real sad group of individuals?
So that’s a no
Why your intelligence and arrogance is far beyond comprehension SluggDribbler. Didn’t you ever learn reading at school?
Is that a statement or a question?
Perhaps SluggDribbler you can ask Poppa (Backflip) or SnakePorn as they always advise you on making up your mind. When you’ve texted them and got your answer get back to me and let me know.
Pop said to tell you to leave out the word WHY.
Did he tell you to write the word ‘why’ all in capitals? It certainly appears you are definitely part of the same team. The ‘Chronic Dribblers’ LOL, what a joke. And to think that you wanted to be my friend!
I offered to be friendly not make you my friend. You continually start this crap and then cry foul . I think it’s about time you were told to grow up.
I distinctly remember you saying we were friends Slugg but that’s fine if you see it differently. I’ve never cried foul once! There were times I could have but I stand up for myself and don’t run to the moderators every time something unpleasant is said.
There were certain memebers of your little group (no names mentioned) who ran like Paul Revere screaming foul! and wanted me banned because of my beliefs. I’ve been called all sorts of names on here but I always forgive as its my nature and my duty. In terms of growing up, I’m grown up enough!
Never once said we were friends I have no time for you your a trouble maker of the worst kind and you make the site a joke. I have enough grief in my life without your shitt so just fuckk off.


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