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2017 NYE Harbour Bridge Fireworks To Have LBGT/Same Sex Marriage Theme.

Just heard Clover announce that the NYE fireworks will be a LGBT and SSM theme this years with big cascading rainbows to rain down under the bridge.

Clover stated she wanted the whole world to see Australia supports LGBT and SSM.

Im not going to slant this blog with any bias or my opinion, but i will be giving it later.

Whats your thoughts on the 2017 NYE fireworks theme?

Id like to dedicate this blog to the absolute champion Milo Yiannopoulos who is currently spreading the truth in this country, get behind the man and spread the word.

This blogs also dedicated to Carlo because i know shes loves these topics. 

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What does rainbows have to do with SSM?

The rainbow flag is the official Gay flag, SSM is about gays getting married, there is a link longy.

Personally im ok with this, its their year and moment, was just looking for a decent debate with the blog.

Rainbows are natural and for everyone snake, the theft of this symbol of beauty is arrogance beyond the pale. 

Thats what rainbows used to be about sluggy, these days they stand for anal sex and piss parties.

What happened did I miss something?

Slugger, you miss everything as your too slow! 

The real rainbow which God put into the clouds has 7 colours the gay rainbow has 6. So in essence they’re (SSM & LGBTQXYZ)  are attempted very foolishly making themselves out to be little miniature humanistic god’s.

Can I have whatever you're on Monts- what a beautiful twisted reality!! Albeit, a colour or two short of ... f***... short of... mmm. ... reality? Is that what I'm missing here? Lol the real rainbow. You crack me up like an overcooked pavlova!!

Absolutely Criminal. This evil witch is long past her use by date.

This doesn't bother me, the public voted and the majority wanted it so it's time to accept it. It's apparently a bit of a big deal for all the carpet lickers and d*** sandwich enthusiast so let them celebrate it.

Yeah i agree with those sentiments.


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